Prayer Requests

            O.K. You’re not perfect. So you feel like God can’t use you very much. But guess what? God doesn’t choose angels to do His work. He chooses weak, struggling humans to reach lost and fallen humanity. He chooses people who have the same drives, weaknesses and appetites as those He’s wanting to save. Jesus took on human nature so He could reach humanity. He was divinity, but He took on form of humanity to bring salvation to humanity.


            God could use angels. In Acts 10, God wanted to bring the message of salvation to Cornelius, a devout and generous man. What did God to? He sent an angel with the message for Cornelius to “send men to Joppa and call for one Simon who is called Peter.” The angel wasn’t used to bring the message of salvation. No, God used the angel to announce that God wanted to use PEOPLE to bring people into the Kingdom. God wanted to use man with the same kinds of weaknesses and imperfections as Simon to bring the message of the cross.


            God sent an angel to Phillip in Acts 8. The angel told Phillip in v.26 to go meet the Ethiopian eunuch. The angel could have brought the message himself, but that isn’t the way God has ordained the Gospel to go forward. Humans are sent to humans. God could have sent out His message through sinless angels, but He chooses instead to use human vessels. Weak, frail, at times sinful and bullheaded…to bring the message of God’s deliverance and blessing to the world. “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of power may be of God, not us.”


            Jesus commands us to go. When He ascended to heaven Jesus became an intercessor, a prayer support for His followers on earth. He commanded US to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. God commands every soul that has received forgiveness to bring others into the same experience. I wonder, if we’re not willing to make special sacrifices in order to save the souls of people who are ready to be destroyed by the enemy, many at their own hand, how can we be counted worthy to enter into the joy of our Lord at the resurrection?


            Every Christian has a specific work assignment. There’s a work that you have been charged with, and God expects you to do it faithfully. God works to bring people who are seeking Him into contact with those of us who have found Him. Then, we’re expected to be in a place where we’ll be ready and available to speak for Him. To save souls is the life work of every Believer who names the name of Jesus. We’re debtors to God for the life that He has given us, to be merciful servants and impart it to others also.


            Not the job of the institutional Church. We like to palm off our responsibility organized church and missionary institutions. God doesn’t leave the ministry to the sick and the lost to professional preachers, committees and charitable institutions. We do this so we can excuse ourselves from the work that He has chosen for us personally to do. It can’t be done by proxy, it can’t be sub contracted out. God’s requirement is individual service, individual effort and individual personal sacrifice. Your personal interest, prayer and effort will accomplish more than any sermon or church service. Nobody but you. A work has been assigned to you and doing it. You have a wonderful mission on earth that you can’t neglect or ignore, because someone else’s eternal soul is at stake, someone that Jesus died for. Like He said, “Freely ye have received, freely give!”


            Everyone who receives His grace is appointed to work for others to be able to receive. Like Isaiah, we’re to stand in our part of the world and in our segment of society and say, “Here am I, send me.” It was the spirit of Cain, who murdered his brother, who said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” When you and I appear before God, and He asks where our friends and relatives are, what are WE going to say? If you claim to be a born again child of God, you ARE your brother’s keeper. We’re commissioned to carry out the very work that Jesus did when He was on the earth. God is looking throughout the earth for individual Believers who will give themselves to be channels for God’s power and mercy. He isn’t looking for those who will give half-hearted, lifeless service. He’s looking for those who will radically commit themselves, no matter what the sacrifice, to bring the multitudes to Jesus.


            Hundreds of people are waiting for the warning from God’s people to escape the wrath to come. Dozens who watch you, who are with you, who listen to you are waiting to receive the power of Jesus Christ in their lives. You’ve been called. You’ve been commissioned. Can God count on you to do what angels can never do?