Prayer Requests

            I think a lot about the importance of caring. It’s what brings the spark in my life. See, it takes guts to care. It takes boldness. Caring is dangerous. It can leave you opened to hurt and to looking like a fool, and, because we’ve been hurt so much, many of us are afraid to care. But, I feel that to be alive, truly alive, you have to be open to being hurt. You owe people that much. In some ways, I think that the less you hurt, the less alive you are.

           You can’t die if you’re not alive – and who wants to be dead? Something else that happens when you care deeply is that people will criticize you or misunderstand you. That’s when you need to remind yourself that serving Jesus is a CHOICE. And, anytime you choose to follow Jesus, you’re going to get a little flack, a little persecution.

            Being bold enough to take a stand for Jesus. Many Christians are afraid to take a stand that other Christians aren’t taking. We have a sheep mentality, and want to just blend in with the flock. Even some of our leaders are like that.

            As far as I’m concerned, anyone who is ashamed to take a stand on a controversial issue, just because it might anger someone with a differing opinion, is a pantywaist. By definition, the person whose intimidated by opposing viewpoints, and because of this fear is afraid to make a personal comment is no leader, and can’t even be properly called a follower. A flatworm, maybe.

            On the other hand, when someone tries to intimidate other people by blowing smoke and huffing and puffing, they’re guilty of outright manipulation. What else would you call attempting to exert power over someone in the hope of shutting him up? We’re living in a day of bored, self-centered and complacent people. So, it’s exciting when somebody cares so much, and feels strongly enough about their moral feelings that they want to do something about it…no matter what other, less caring people think.

          Standing up for Jesus. What we need to do is spend more time, money and energy standing up for Jesus. I don’t have time to speak AGAINST all the things that are contrary to the Word. No, I preach FOR Jesus. And FOR faith. FOR the kind of lifestyle that you can enter into through the principles laid down in the Bible. I’m not interested in making people FEEL good. I want to help them to find Jesus and to BE good.

            The bottom line. Caring like Jesus cared. We need to care about people and their needs. To really care. I remember how awful it felt to be lost and I FEEL, it when the whip strikes the other person’s back. When we truly yield to the Holy Spirit, we realize that most people are hurting inside. They face problems and have heartaches, unmet needs and they have no idea how those needs can be met.

            Many people have been under their hurts for so long that they’ve almost forgotten that there’s a miracle-working God who loves them. God has put us here to remind people that God hasn’t forgotten them. He’s still a big God and He still has many miracles for people, if people can just listen to His Word and ask Him in faith.

            As Believers, we need to care enough to prepare a way for people to meet Jesus and receive forgiveness and to then be taught in the Word, so they can get their goals and fulfill their purpose in life. When we’re doing that, we WILL get a little flack. We WILL be taken advantage of at times. We WILL be hurt and let down by some people. We WILL be criticized by other well-meaning Christians who haven’t discovered that faith worketh by love.

          But on the other hand, we will be blessed by seeing lives changed and people being saved and set free. People are getting delivered from addictions and sins and mental problem and we’ll sense the fullness of joy from the Holy Spirit. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? I’ve found that it’s EASY to act indifferent, as a sort of self-protection. I prefer to be more alive than that – to care, because Jesus cared even though it meant going to the cross.