Prayer Requests

            “Thou hast been weighed in the balance and found wanting…” What awful words! Especially when uttered by God, who loves you and cares for you more than any other being in the universe. “Your life has been measured against what I created for you to be and you’ve come up short!” Just one sentence, short and to the point, summing up the life of a person who missed their life’s purpose. There are a lot of other things that God could say, but this is enough. These words from God were originally spoken at a party. A wild bash thrown by King Balshazzar had religion, but he also wanted to go his own way. He had “a form of godliness, but he denied the power” of it.

            At his party, he had taken holy vessels from the Temple of God and was drinking booze from them. He and his friends were partying up a storm and that’s when God intervened. Suddenly, a hand appeared out of nowhere and began writing on the wall. Balshazzar and his friends could SEE the handwriting on the wall but they couldn’t figure out what it meant. They all had to call in a man of God, the prophet Daniel. Daniel prayed and asked God what the meaning of the handwriting on the wall was and that’s where this message comes in. God was warning Balshazzar to turn around because he was failing in his life’s purpose, as far as God was concerned.

            The same thing is happening in America today. There is so much corruption, many Believers are drunk on their powerless religion. They’re taking the holy things of God and defiling them and encouraging their friends to do the same thing. Like the Christians who will skip church to get together with their friends’ week after week. Not only are they denying God the worship and praise due His name, but they’re encouraging their others to do the same. They have a form of godliness, but they deny the power of it. There are other ways that Christians take the holy things of God and make them a stench in the nostrils of God…it’s more common than you think.

            The Bible says that your BODY is a holy thing, the temple of the Holy Spirit. When we use it for drunkenness, drug abuse and violence, we’re profaning Holy things of God. It’s the same thing with things that we bring into our bodies, through what we listen to, watch on TV and read. When we bring uncleanness into our spirits just because we “feel” like it, we’re defiling the Temple of God and one day we will have to be held accountable for the things that His spirit had to endure because we would rather indulge the flesh than to please Him. “Weighed in the balance and found wanting!”

            The message from God went on to say, “The God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are thy ways, hast thou not glorified.” God didn’t mention Balshazzar’s drunkenness here. He didn’t bring up his cruelty nor his behavior. God just summed up with that one simple sentence. The way that Balshazzar was living didn’t glorify God. Pure and simple. God had made him one way and he was living another. God had given him strengths and he was misusing them. God had given him abilities and he was squandering them in pursuit of his own pleasure. He just wasn’t measuring up.

            What God said about Balshazzar’s life, He’s also saying about the lives of many people. People whom He has gifted with intellect, talents and abilities. He says, “The God, in whose hand thy breath is, thou has not glorified.” He’s reminding us that we’re just ONE BREATH away from death. Just ONE BREATH away from the Judgement seat which means for many people, including some who are reading these words, ONE BREATH away from hell. For what?! Because God doesn’t care? Because God doesn’t love us totally? Because God isn’t willing to save us when we come to Him in genuine heartfelt repentance? No. It’s because we don’t want to do what He wants.

            People come up short because want to go the easy way. The Holy spirit has told me to preach for revival. That’s what we need, as a notion, as a church and as individuals. He’s calling the wandering heart to come back to Him. He didn’t tell me to preach condemnation, but instead, to proclaim the Gospel. What’s the Gospel? It’s basically the revelation of a powerful and Holy God through Jesus Christ, to people who are slipping, sliding and wandering in their lives. The result of preaching the Gospel is so that these hapless creatures can be drawn to the best Friend a soul could ever have.

            With his mind, the very first thing we need to do is to let the Holy spirit reveal to us how much we’ve put God in His little “box” and that we’ve done it so much that He’s having to call us back to serving Him in a way that DOES glorify Him.


  • 1.      During the last several months and years, what’s been the nature of my relationship with God?
  • 2.      Have I truly let Jesus be Lord of my life or has He been more of an accessory?
  • 3.      Has Jesus had His rightful place in my life or have I been more like Cain, spending my life “going out from the presence of God?”
  • 4.      Does the Bible description of a Christian describe ME? Or, am I like those in Revelation whom the Lord says are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm? Have I lost my first love, relationship with Jesus?
  • 5.      What lies ahead for me if I keep on doing like I’ve been doing over the last few years and months? When I stand before the throne of God, what answer am I going to offer Him?

6.      No flaming hand is going to be writing things on the walls this Sunday to warn you of danger. I’m not going to be looking you in the eye and be saying. You’ve been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting.

7.      God hasn’t sent me on a mission of wrath, judgement and terror. But, as a Pastor, I MUST point out to you (and I do it in love), what the results will be of a life lived that doesn’t glorify God or fulfill His purposes.

My heart’s cry for you is that God will be able to say to you on that day, NOT, “You have been tried…and have been found wanting,” but that He will be able to announce, “Well done, you good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in the least things…Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”

      The Holy Spirit is moving in a real and genuine way to meet you and minister to you.