Prayer Requests


Noah was a man who had a tough time of it. He was a good man and a working man. Someone very much like you and me and he was frustrated by the corrupt and violent society he was living in and being a working man, he didn’t have a voice. Then, like now, you had the rich and clever, the “cool” people running society, doing whatever they feel like and the working man how he felt didn’t seem to matter too much. Noah might not have meant a lot to society and he might not have been too important in the eyes of his neighbors, but, he had one other of the people who laughed at home and he allowed God to work in his life in a way that none of the popular and “fun” people bothered with. Noah was responsible for his family coming to know God and through Noah’s life and testimony, his entire family came to faith in God. They watched their dad and they noticed how he worked hard and labored with his hands to provide for his family. They found out that he would be there for them, whenever they had needs and they heard how the other people would laugh at how strict he was on himself and his family and still, their father would do his level best to make sure his family was strong, close and faithful to God.

Noah was a good father. It wasn’t any easier in Noah’s day to raise a good family. It was a day when, like today, there were many things going on and it was a time when even good men would give into different temptations. In the midst of everything, Noah made a commitment to raise his family to be strong, tight knit and godly. He wanted to lead his wife and kids to a close relationship with God and even more important to you and me, is the fact that God honored Noah’s commitment and every one of Noah’s family was saved. How did Noah become a strong man in a time of weak men in the society? He “found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” (Genesis 6:8). While others went after their possessions, social positions and popularity with their evil people, Noah went into the presence of his God. To the others, having sweet life would mean being rich, or, to some, having all the friends you could name that would bring sweetness in life to them. To Noah, it was being in the presence of the Lord and that’s where HE felt life was it’s sweetest. Second, Noah listened to what God was saying to him and he didn’t just pray and then go his own way. Hebrews 11:7 says that Noah paid attention when God warned him about the days he was living in.

Third, Noah made changes in his family life and he “prepared an ark for the saving of his house.” (Hebrews 11:7). He changed his work schedule, spending habits, hobbies and how he related to his three children. Why? Well, he wanted everyone in his family to be saved. It meant that much to him. Noah stood tall in a land where men were weak and spineless and he took a stand, not caring whether or not his friends thought serving God wasn’t masculine. He was man enough not to sit back and idly watch his three children go the way of the rest of the world and he was real father to his children. Noah spoke what he believed and he wasn’t one of those noodle-backed men who are all religious around the church folk and then go home and act like they aren’t even saved. 2 Peter 2:5 calls Noah ‘a preacher of righteousness’. He went ahead and told other people where their sins were going to take them and he’d tell people whether they felt like listening or not and he was the kind of man that his children could look up to, he was humble, caring and yet, bold and strong.

Noah’s right way of living got his family to walk with God and nobody else listened to Noah, but he stayed faithful to God and to the work that God had given him, so, his family saw how, over the years, their husband and father really was a man of God. “Come thou and all thy family into the ark.” That’s what God said to Noah in Genesis 7:1. This means that God Himself recognized that Noah’s family had been won to the Lord during the years of Noah’s faithfulness. It must have been the greatest day in Noah’s life as a husband and father, when God acknowledged that his whole family had been saved. Noah didn’t win any prizes for his preaching, but he won his family by his obedience to God. God is no respector of persons and that means His grace is sufficient for fathers (and mothers) today as it was in the days of Noah. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and so can we. If we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us our families for His glory. If our “sweetness in life” is in the presence of the Lord, we will, like Noah be taught by the holy Spirit and led by Him. America and or families are looking for men to be men and to be strong, caring, consistent and godly. When the fathers decide to be real men, full of faith and godliness, caring, gentle and when the father’s change their way of living in order to save their families, we can expect families to follow the father’s faith. It’s important for fathers to take being a father seriously. Your families need you.