Prayer Requests

This is a great way to start a week. What makes it great is that you have taken a stand, you have put aside circumstances, situations and all the things calling for your attention and you came out to serve God, to sing praises to Him and to hear a word from Heaven that will bless you. The blessing of God is available to everyone, but it doesn’t just happen. A person has to really want it. Jesus said we have to hunger for it and thirst for it and then He promised that if we hunger and thirst for the blessing of God that we will be filled. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, single, married and where you came from. All that matters is your heart is open for God to move in it and you making room for Him to move in your life. Is that what you really want? That peace of mind, that freedom comes when Jesus sets you free and it doesn’t take any special ability and all it takes is your availability and being available to God, being to the Holy Spirit and giving Him your heart and time and just taking time each day to spend in the presence of Jesus. You’ll have to make some sacrifices, cut out some things and during that time, you will be able to build a strong and spiritual life.

1 Peter 2:2, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.” Spend time with God in the Bible each day. Take some time and spend it in prayer. Spend time in church and being available to God. Step up your church attendance and make time for the Lord by being in some of the meetings that you haven’t been attending – and expose your spirit man to more worship and more of the Word of God. You can grow 2 or 3 times faster by adding a couple of church services a week to your life and spend that time in the presence of God and His people and His word. Life is filled with distractions and part of growing in wisdom is learning what can be cut out. What can be left off? What isn’t worthy of your time or effort? You can get 500 channels on your TV and there’s no end to the radio stations, internet distractions and other things trying to steal your time and attention. So, that’s why we need to make room for Jesus to operate in our lives.

            I remember when I first started going to church and the church where I gave my heart to the Lord. It was the people who were there that impressed me with what salvation could mean in my life. The people were passionate about life. Even the old ones were excited about life, people, and worked together to reach the world with the Gospel. They weren’t all the same, as far as background, education or social standing, but they learned to set aside their differences to do something significant for the Kingdom of God. I used to wonder could I ever be like one of them. I would pray and ask the Lord to work in my life so that I could have what they had. None of them knew it. They didn’t know they were creating hunger in me. They didn’t know I looked up to them, but I did. The Lord used different ones of them to make me WANT to have the Lord in my life in a very real and solid way. I wanted to have what they had but that’s what began my quest to be a real part of the Body of Christ. I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s what I wanted. I wanted peace, joy, happiness and freedom. I had this emptiness inside of me.

            When I would sit in church and listen to Pastor Wolfe bring the word of God, it gave me hope, vision and the desire to do whatever had to be done so I could live like people in the Bible days, in the presence of the Lord. It wasn’t about religion but instead had everything to do with my LIFE, having a purpose, something worth living for and a vision for reaching other people and helping them to find this new life in Jesus. Hearing the Gospel and being with the people of God caused me to hunger and thirst for my own walk with Jesus and to part of what God is doing in the earth. I wanted to take my side with the men and women whom God was working with, people who stood for what is good and right and be a part of the move of God with these people who had honor, love and the blessing of God on their lives. They say that if you’re going to be successful in the world, you have to have goals. It’s a major thing to teach people to have goals. You get taught that poor people usually don’t have any real goals and all they’re concerned about is basic survival skills. Then we’re taught that, rich and successful people are pointed out and most of them have 2 or 3 goals: (1) Get more money, (2) Gain more power, and then set another goal. But for the most part, people have TOO MANY GOALS. They try to do so many things that they never get anything significant done in their lives. They get scattered, distracted and spend their lives going to and from resulting in getting very little done.

            Our number one goal has to be to know God and to serve Him. Philippians 3:13 “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but (this) one thing (I do), forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.” It’s about getting focused. People try to fill that hunger with a new car, new outfit, new TV, expensive vacation and new furniture. Repainting their living room once or twice a year. That isn’t the change you’re looking for in life. The change your spirit is yearning for comes from the inside, from the heart. When the change happens on the inside and that’s when you feel fulfilled. It’s a choice, a decision, a decision to be on fire for God. A decision to be excited about the hand of God in your life. To be filled with joy, passion and excitement from being used by God. Excitement has to do with faith, with hope and with belief and a person with no hope cannot be excited. Excitement belongs to the realm of hope, faith and belief. Excitement is not about being loud or jumping up and down. A person can be quietly excited. Excitement is about loving God and loving life. It’s not about living life to the fullest. It’s about becoming all that God put you on the earth to become.

            The Holy Spirit gives you the attitude of “I’ll do whatever it takes” to be all that God created you to be and that’s what gets you through the trials and helps you overcome those things that are trying to overcome you.