Prayer Requests


A college student was writing a term paper about being forgiven for sin. When he was typing about “guilt’, he hit the letter “q” instead of the letter “g”. So, his sentence read, “When we confess our sins, He takes away our quilt.” When his teacher returned his paper, the student winced when he saw his error, then, he laughed out loud when he read the teacher’s note on the margin. “Don’t worry. You’ll never have to be cold because God has given us His Comforter!”

The professor’s note pointed out a needed truth: That the Father has sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to live with us, to lead us, guide us and to comfort us from the coldness of this world. In John 14:26, Jesus says, “The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost…He shall teach you all things.Here’s the reason that so many Christians are losing out with God. They have ignored the Holy Spirit of God and when trials come, they’re comfortless so they turn to the same destructive sins and habits that their Godless counter-parts in the world turn to. 

As long as everything’s going ok, most Christians do pretty well. They can live, pray and attend church on their own strength. My observation as a matter of fact is that the majority of Christians ARE living on their own strength. So, when their strength runs out, they turn to materialism, drugs, alcohol trying to mask their pain, emptiness and insecurities. All this, when God has given us the Holy Spirit as our Comforter from Heaven. So, what about the Comforter? First off, He isn’t here to comfort you in your sins. The fact is, He’s here to help you find forgiveness and strength so you CAN be comforted.

Some people think that the Holy Spirit is to make them feel good when they sin or that when they feel guilt, He’s supposed to make them feel better. NO! His First job is to wake you up to what you’re doing to your own soul, almost like taking out a splinter. He has to take it out in order for you to feel better. His ultimate concern is for your soul’s salvation and well-being for eternity. He works on the inside of you to clean you and to cause you to be faithful to God. You can’t feel comforted when you’re abusing God. You can’t feel comforted when you’re grieving the Holy Ghost, by your words, thoughts and actions. Don’t even expect comfort, when you’re knowingly doing wrong. But, thank God, you CAN fully expect comfort when your sins trouble you, grieve you and you want to be done with them forever.

It’s a matter of opening up your entire life to the Spirit of God. That’s the secret to freedom from that sin or those sins you haven’t been able to conquer. When he was in his 20’s, F.B. Meyer, who later become a powerful minister discovered this. He had a sin in his life he just couldn’t get rid of. After a long battle with it, the Holy Spirit prompted him to kneel by his bed, stretch out his hands and pray, as the Spirit gave him the words. He prayed, “Lord, here are the keys to my life. Take them and unlock every door, fill every room and make me willing. Lord, to let You occupy every room and free me from every sin that I’ve been hanging on to.”

Once he gave the Spirit of God complete access to his life, that sin was defeated. Then, young F.B. Meyer was able to be comforted. It’s like trying to walk with a splinter in your foot. You’ll never have the comfort you need until the splinter is removed. The Holy Spirit comforts you by first removing the splinter and then He brings His comfort and peace.

Because people misunderstand the work of the Holy Spirit, they lose out on fellowship with Him and they never receive the power they need to live a godly life. They might be able, through self-discipline to SEEM like they’re walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. When troubles come or problems hit them, they get blown out of the water. That’s why you find so many Christians in bondage to the same kinds of sins as people with no faith at all. They’re destroying their own souls and losing with God, hardening their hearts and living empty lives of hopelessness. All this, when the Holy Spirit of God is right here, ready and waiting for them to simply open their entire lives up to Him so that He can comfort them with the comfort of God.

You might not naturally be very disciplined person and that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. He leads you into all truth, activates the Word of God in your life and equips you to obey it. You’re probably so overloaded with work, school, kid’s and all that you do that can make you think you have no time for spiritual growth. But guess what, if you’ll read the book of Mark, you’ll find the word “straightaway” in your King James Bible, or “immediately” in some of the other translations, when he’s talking about Jesus.

He’s helping us to realize that Jesus was a bust person too! He’s busier than you are and you’ll read how Jesus ministered from dawn until dark. How He’d get up early in the morning to pray and how the crowds would be making demands of Him constantly. Yet, He moved always in the strength, power and comfort of the Holy Spirit. That was the same with the Apostle Paul, another busy person. Neither of them neglected their spiritual lives and they lived in the strength and purity of the Holy Spirit. More than that, they were always open and sensitive to the needs of people around them.

The Holy Spirit has come so that busy people like you and me can become more like Jesus Christ. His comforting power begins with calling you to open every area of your heart to Him. It extends to your yielding to Him when He makes you feel bad for the language you’ve been using, hatred and mean things you’ve allowed to enter your heart and makes room for Him to make change. It’s a struggle to grow into a spiritual individual and you don’t have what it takes, but you DO have the Holy Spirit, and HE has what it takes. He’s talking to you about areas of your life that need to be turned over to Him.

What happens if you don’t listen? First of all, you’ll feel bad for a while and then if you keep-up your old patterns, He just won’t bother you at all until you’re ready to get it together. That’s right. Once He’s been dealing with you about something and He discovers that you would rather hold on to what you want to do, He’ll quietly stop dealing with you about it for a while. You say, “Great!” No. You’ll have the behavior that you chose and an emptiness in your soul. You’ll find a creeping coldness that isn’t there for the person who yields to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 4:30, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you were sealed unto the Day of Redemption.” Nothing is colder than a cold numb heart.

Id doesn’t have to be that way. You can confess your coldness to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. Your guilt will be gone and He’ll fill you with His warmth, His fellowship and comfort. Romans 14:17, “The Kingdom of God is…righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” Is He grieved in you or is He full of joy? Open every door of your heart to Him. Give Him the keys to every room of your life. Let Him come into each one and get out the dirt, the filth and the garbage. Acts 7:51 says that it’s stiffnecked people who always resist the Holy Spirit. You don’t have to want to become stiffened by continually resisting Him. Acts 1:8 says that you’ll receive power if you’ll let the Holy Spirit come upon you. Power to overcome and to speak to your friends about Jesus and to live for Jesus. Like the college professor said, “You don’t have to be cold because God has given us His comforter.”