Prayer Requests


Sometimes you just feel weak, tired, worn and burnt out. Those are times when you run out of strength and you can only cast yourself on God, calling out for divine help. When you’re weak and call out to God, He’s ready and able to help you to fill your weakness with His strength. “When I am weak, then I am strong.” This verse has helped me to get through times of trials more times than I can count, but I’ve also discovered that this verse isn’t true for everybody in every situation. I believe you’ll agree with me.

What I mean is, some Christians are always weak and there’s no sense of strongness about them at all other than being headstrong or strong in giving into their flesh. They’re weak in prayer and weak in their ability to say “No” to their flesh and it’s desires, so, when they’re weak, they’re not strong. There’s a kind of intentional weakness that comes when a Christian willfully neglects his/hers Bible, church attendance and prayer life. Then a weakness steals over him or her that brings no strength, honor or glory to God. Instead, it brings a seared conscience and unfitness for being used by God. It brings a failure of integrity and moral character.

EXAMPLE – SAMSON: When Samson has squandered his strength on giving in to his flesh and chasing the women, the Philistines cut his hair and he became weak but Samson couldn’t say, “When I am weak, then I am strong.” All he could say is, “When I am shaved, then I am weak as other men!” When Samson had betrayed the secret of his strength, the Philistines cut his hair then they attacked him. Now Samson couldn’t fight them off like he could before and he couldn’t protect his own eyes. He can’t keep his own liberty and freedom.

Samson became weak, but he didn’t become strong. He ended his life as a blinded ex-hero, turned into a slave of the Philistines. It’s heart wrenching that such weakness could be possible for a man who had been so strong at one time and such weakness for a man who had slain thousands and had laid them in heaps. You and I have to guard against the kind of weakness that leads to sin. Samson’s long, uncut hair represented a commitment to God, it was called the Nazarite consecration. When he broke his consecration to God, he became weak. If you or I ever become weak, don’t let it be because we broke out our consecration to God. It’s the breaking of our commitment to God that makes the people around us sneer and say, “Have you also become weak like we are?”

YOU BECOME WEAK IF YOU BACK OFF IN YOUR WALK WITH GOD…IF YOU BECOME CARELESS IN YOUR PRAYER LIFE AND YOUR DEVOTIONAL LIFE: David got lax in his times with God and the next thing you know, he committed adultery with Bathsheba. Peter followed Jesus afar off and not long after that, he denied his Lord. Your devotional life is your is your right arm of strength. If you break it, you become as weak as a baby and you become easy prey for the enemy and easily are taken in temptation. Several other kinds of weakness come to my mind that don’t make you strong. If you’re weak in faith, that doesn’t make you strong and if you’re weak in your moral character, that doesn’t make you strong. If you’re weak in keeping your word, that doesn’t make you strong.