Prayer Requests


SO, IN WHAT SENSE DOES BEING WEAK MADE US STRONG?: Let’s explore the verse a bit more. The first part of the verse talks about being in a situation that hurts. Being in a place where you’re outnumbered, or at a disadvantage, that’s the “being weak” part. When is it that we’re weak? Well, in a sense, we’re all weak in many ways, but there are times when we are really aware of our weakness, times when we’re weak and we don’t want to be. Example, when something bothers us, sometimes even when it shouldn’t, maybe a careless remark somebody made or an undeserved criticism, an annoying situation that shouldn’t get on your nerves, but it DOES.

You get bothered with yourself for even noticing it, but it still seems to keep fretting your spirit. Sometimes, things that are so trivial that, if it were someone else being bothered, you tell them that they ought to know better, but here you are, being tested by something no more significant than a fly buzzing around your head. When we get into a situation like this, if we would go to God and admit our obvious weakness and draw on His abilities, we would be made strong. Then, there’s the sense of weakness that comes when you feel like you’re not being effective enough in your life and you feel like you’re not very fruitful. When it seems like God expects so much of you and you just can’t do what He’s set out before you to do.

LET ME ENCOURAGE YOU: God isn’t going to blame you for not doing those things that are beyond your abilities and strength. No, He only asks that you be FAITHFUL. You’re asked to speak for Jesus, but you can’t make people serve Him. You’re asked to have a clear testimony, but you can’t make people take an interest in spiritual things. Sometimes, we feel weak because our situation in life right now is so difficult and we have family problems, household struggles, problems with neighbors, money or even job problems. We feel like we’re all alone, as far as finding close friends who truly understand us. Some of us are poor and we barely can support our families.

Someone being unjustly accused and you don’t know what to do about it. You’re afraid that if you try to clear your name you’ll just seem to be more guilty. Maybe it’s physical difficulties. People around us are antagonistic and we night be in a situation where we’re living with great sorrows and discouragements. All these are things that bring the kind of weakness that can paralyze a person. When we know we’re weak and that the situation we’re in can easily overwhelm us and these are times to be strong in the Lord and that’s where God’s strength comes in. When we come to feel like our life’s work is impossible for us, we’re driven to God for strength and the Bible says that He’s a very present help in time(s) of trouble.  

PROVERBS TELLS US TO LEARN A LESSON FROM THE WEAK LITTLE RODENT CALLED A “CONY”.: Conies are a feeble folk yet they make their houses in the rocks and that’s how they’re able to keep from being destroyed by hunters and other natural predators and their weakness leads them to the rock. When you flee to God in your weakness, that’s when you’re the safest. There’s no better plea to make to God than your natural weakness, hurt and pain. Nothing moves the Father-heart of God like one of His children coming to Him in tears of weakness and faintheartedness. When you come to God in your disappointment, agony and feeling like you can’t even pray – that’s when you can be sure to receive the desire of your heart. Hebrews tells us that we don’t have a High Priest who’s untouched by the feelings of our infirmities. Jesus, our High Priest can feel. He has a HEART and He has been in the weakness and frailty of the flesh, so He can sympathize with the timid and the sorrowing. The last thing I want to mention about the strength in weakness is this: When you KNOW how weak you are, you know you have to give it all you’ve got.

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO CATCH A RAT IN YOUR BARE HANDS?: I hope not! Aren’t you much bigger than the rat? Of course! But, sense the rat KNOWS how small he is, he fights with his whole body. He’s all claws and teeth so, he becomes strong because his sense of weakness drives him to use every cell in his body to try to survive. When was Jesus the strongest, but when He was the strongest, but when He was the weakest? When did He shake the kingdom of darkness? It was when He was nailed to the cross! When did He purchase our salvation and put away our sin? It was when His heart was pierced for us! When did He bring the enemy to nothing, but when He died and rose again?

“WHEN I AM WEAK, THEN I AM STRONG.”: Because I can’t do much, I’ll do all I possibly can in HIS strength. I don’t know very much; I’ll grow in the knowledge of Him. I have little power, I’ll go forth in HIS strength and power and when I am weak, THAT’S. WHEN. I. AM. STRONG. AMEN!!!