Prayer Requests

I’ve worked with people for over 17 years now and have ministered in England, Wales, Belgium, Ireland and even India. For three years, I was a Chaplin with the Department of Corrections for the State of Maryland. Here at the Worship Center, each week I talk with, counsel and listen to dozens of people on an average.

One thing I’ve noticed is this: Most people want to make their lives as easy and as comfortable as they possibly can. We use as many instant and microwavable products as possible, use drive-thru windows at fast food places and the bank, and go to the automated teller machines whenever possible. We want to go to climate-controlled churches and hear short, peppy, uplifting messages, so we can rush home to take a Sunday afternoon nap.

It’s almost as though people want to get their lives behind them as quickly as possible. Living is too much of a chore. It requires too much work. Too much hassle. It takes too much thinking. And effort.

And all this has created the number one roadblock on the road to greatness. Too many of us have lost the ability to motivate ourselves. I know through my secular professional experience that there are thousands of Believers who have as much intelligence, skill and character as the most successful people in any segment of society.

There are in our church’s singers and musicians every bit as talented as those who’s tapes and CD’s we all buy. There are thousands of Believers who are as devoted, as faithful, as caring as caring and who pray as much as those who are in the most effective ministries. The problem is they lack the motivation to become great.

The Bible has truths that can change all that. These are ancient truths. They work. They’ve worked for the Jews for thousands of years. But, because they’re too old truths, there are largely forgotten.

We’ll discover together what makes the difference between success and failure in everything we do. Why some people have energy to spare while others are listless and half-hearted. Why some people lead lives of satisfaction and accomplishment while others continually face frustration and despair? The answer lies in ONE mysterious quality.

We’ll spend several minutes exploring the five characteristics of faith that you MUST understand before you achieve effective and active faith. We’ll unveil the four dramatic changes that will then occur in your life. Changes that you can use to measure or examine your faith.

Faith begins with the kind of listening that leads to knowledge. The Bible says that “faith cometh from hearing and hearing cometh by the Word of God.” We’ll learn WHY knowledge can propel you into having powerful force in your life.

Next, we’ll find out how you can use your life for a worthwhile purpose; and how to KNOW that your efforts are productive and useful and how simply thrilling it is to know that you’re part of the marvelous system that God has designed for not only spreading the good news of Jesus, but for living a quality and effective life.

The third quality needed for faith to be effective over the long term is the one that’s lacking in so many people. Even people who are “successful” in ministry. It’s the quality that Jimmy Swaggart lacked and Jim Bakker and more recently, Bishop Earl Paulk whose currently under serious morals charges.

The fourth factor you need to have is the one that will supercharge your employment and sense of purpose in your situation RIGHT NOW. Here’s the kind of difference it will make:

Several centuries ago, a man who wasn’t too enthusiastic about his work stood at the registration desk of his hotel one night. Two people without reservations came in, and he was too busy to accommodate them. He wouldn’t stretch himself to find them any space in his hotel. As a result, millions of people today honor his stable at Christmas time, instead of the man or his hotel. Things could have been different, and you could MAKE them different in your life.

Last, we’ll find out how to solve the problem of never really knowing ourselves and how to stop that feeling of being many different people. We’ll understand why so many of us face a constant battle to understand our moods, our feelings and our thoughts.

Here’s a few things you’ll learn:

  • The 4 questions you can ask yourself that will do more for you than all the efforts you’ve made in the past.
  • How to be certain that your faith isn’t superficial.
  • Understand why the “test of criticism” is the most severe test of your faith and you’ll always be able to past the test when it comes.
  • Be thrilled when you find out the effect that these truths will have on your talents and abilities.

You’ll want to call those friends of yours who are NEEDING a jumpstart in their lives, call them and invite them to join you.