Prayer Requests


It’s hard to talk to your friends about Jesus. They might not believe you or you might not think you’re good enough of a Christian for them to listen and because of that, you don’t say very much. This can cause you to feel like you’ve let God down. If only you lived in Bible days, it would be different. Maybe, on the very first Easter, Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary (mother of Jesus) and the other woman had the same problem. They went to the tomb of Jesus and discovered He wasn’t there. Two angels were in the tomb and told the women that Jesus was risen from the dead. So, the women went to tell the other apostles and guess what? The apostles didn’t believe a word they said and it says that in Luke 24:9-11…”They returned from the tomb and told these things to the eleven (apostles) and the rest…and their words seemed to them as idle tales, and they believed them not.”

These women had been personal friends of both Jesus and the apostles. They were in the inner circle of Believers and still when they talked about the resurrected Jesus, they weren’t believed – at first. Feel better? Sometimes, the reason we don’t talk to others about our walk with the Lord is because we know that we’re not living to the best of our abilities, so how could we possibly tell others how to? Good point. Just because you’re not living to the best of your abilities, doesn’t mean that your friends shouldn’t be able to hear about Jesus. It happened: After hearing a message about being honest, not stealing and getting right with God, a young man in the congregation went to his Pastor, F.E. Marsh.

He said, “Pastor, you’ve put me in a bad situation. See, I’ve been stealing from my employer and I’m ashamed to tell him about it. We build fishing boats for saltwater use and we use expensive copper nails. I’ve been taking some home with me every night, for a boat I’m building for myself. My boss isn’t a Christian. When I tell him about stealing from him, and offer to pay him for the nails, he’ll think I’m a hypocrite and I’ll never be able to reach him for Jesus.” Rev. Marsh prayed with the young man and told him to approach his boss honestly and humbly and to offer to pay for what he had been stealing.

The next Sunday, the young boat builder came to Rev. Marsh feeling relieved and he’d approached his boss. He said, “My boss looked at me intently and said, “George, I’ve ALWAYS thought you were a hypocrite, but now, I’m not so sure. Maybe there’s something to your religion after all. Any religion that makes a man admit he’s been stealing a few copper nails and offer to pay for them must be worth having!”

If you’ll talk to the people around you for the Lord, God will speak to their hearts. He cares about them even more than you do. Another reason we don’t talk to others is we don’t feel like we know enough. When Sister Lucille Proctor’s grandson was making fun of her walk with the Lord, she felt like she wasn’t smart enough to answer all his questions. He was taunting her, telling her the Bible was just a collection of stories and that she couldn’t prove that any of it was true. She shook her head and said, “I know I’m not a scholar expert but I know that Jesus saved me and I’m going to Heaven. That’s enough to keep me happy in this life and fill my heart with peace.”

Her grandson laughed. “Is that all you know about it?” Sister Lucille thought about it a minute or two and said, “No. I know that the Lord Jesus stood in my shoes when He went to the cross and now, I’m standing in His!” You don’t need a bunch of theological training to tell people what Jesus has done for you. The Holy Spirit will give you the words and open your mouth and let Him fill it. The biggest proof of the resurrection of Jesus can mend a broken life. That’s what your friends need and not theological proof. They desperate for living proof and they want to know if He can touch the lives that they’re living in the here and now. The great chemist Michael Faraday, at the end of the 19th century had this incident occur: One of his workmen accidentally knocked one of the Faraday’s silver cups into a solution of acid. The cup was immediately destroyed, eaten by the fuming liquid.

Of course, the workman was upset at destroying the expensive cup and wrecking the set! When he told Mr. Faraday about it, the chemist said, “Don’t worry about it!” He got a chemical from his cabinet and poured it into the jar of acid. Soon, all the silver settled to the bottom of the jar. Faraday lifted the shapeless mass out of the jar and sent it to a silversmith, who restored the cup to its original shape, like the others! If a human chemist and a silver smith can do this with a destroyed cup, can’t God do much more than this with a human’s life? Since God raised Jesus from the dead, think what He can do with the life of someone who will give their heart to Him.

Be available to the Holy Spirit and be caring. Rev. Billy Strayhorn tells about an experience he had in the grocery store. “I was standing in line, behind a boy about to 8 or 9 years old. He was looking over the display of candy bars. I remember thinking ‘Good choice’ when we picked a big bag of Baby Ruth bar laid it on the counter. The cashier rang it up as the little boy went through his pockets, pulling out pennies, nickels and a single dime. The cashier counted it and gave him one of those stern looks. She said, ‘You’re twelve cents short. You need another twelve cents.’ The boy’s shoulders dropped as the cashier started to tell him to put the candy bar back on the rack. Just then, I reached in my pocket and plopped twelve cents onto the counter. The boy’s face lit up like Christmas and he said, ‘Thanks!’ and took off out the store.

When I left the store, he was waiting for me on the sidewalk. He held up the candy bar. ‘You want a bite?’ I said, ‘No thanks, you eat it.’ Then he looked at me really carefully, like he was studying me, ‘How come you did that?’ Before I could answer, he got a look of recognition on his face. He said, ‘I know why! You’re that preacher! Jesus made you do it, didn’t He?’ What could I say, but, ‘Yes, He did.’ The little boy said, ‘I sure like Jesus and I’m glad Jesus makes nice people like you. Bye.’ and he was gone.

I don’t know who God touched more. Me or the little boy. I do know I’ve never gotten that much pleasure from twelve cents before and I didn’t do or say anything special, but with God’s love and twelve cents, I was able to touch a little boy’s life…just by obeying Christ’s command, ‘Love our neighbors as ourselves.’ That’s it. Tell what you know. Speak from the heart. Be sensitive to God’s open doors when He’s wanting to touch someone’s life. Leave the results to Him and know that He’s more than able to reach the toughest person. Let Him!

That’s what He did for the women in Luke 24. After verse 11, where it says no one believed them, we have verse 12. God began to work and it says, “Then arose Peter, and RAN to the sepulchre…” The rest is history, HIS story. And your story and the stories of those whose lives are touched by your words about the resurrected Jesus.