Prayer Requests


One day I was watching a mystery movie and the hero was getting ready to go into a loaded bank vault and instead of using a key or combination to get in, he simply spoke and the door opened as if by magic. He could have beat on that door all night long and wouldn’t have opened and have stayed shut. He could have visualized the door opening and even have imagined himself on the inside of the vault but that door would have remained locked and sealed forever. But, when he spoke the word, the door opened. The vault was protected by a voice actuated lock. A lock that knew his voice and opened when he said the right thing. Did you know that you and I have a vault full of treasure on the inside of us? Jesus said that a good person, out of the treasure of his heart, brings forth good things, or, on the inside of you are the valuables, the riches that you need for living and moving ahead on the outside. Those things that you have need of have already been put on the inside of you. Your best riches aren’t on the outside, but on the inside and they’re beneath the surface.

When God made the earth, He didn’t put the precious metals and jewels on the surface of the earth. He put them beneath the surface, on the inside. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold, silver, copper all these are found beneath the surface and you have to dig deep to find them. That’s also the way God made man; To have the treasures, the real valuables in life on the inside. The Bible says that we’re framed out of the dust of the earth and it also says that we have “treasure in earthen vessels.” God’s telling you that all the riches and treasures you need are stored up on the inside of you. When you accepted Jesus, God put His abilities, solutions and answers on the inside of you and they come to the surface as you open your eyes to them and begin to LET the good that He’s put inside of you to come forth. That little ability that you see on the surface reveals something big on the inside and that little bit of undeveloped talent that you have is connected to a greater ability you haven’t even imagined. It begins by recognizing this truth as it’s in the Bible. Then, instead of looking on the outside for answers, start using the abilities, opportunities and solutions you already have on the INSIDE and use what you already know.

God says in Rom. 10:17 that faith comes from hearing the word. God has ordained that His word will produce the Faith you need to get your needs met and that’s just what it takes. Heb. 11:1 tells us that faith is the substance of things your hoping for and things come from faith. So ultimately, things come from hearing the word of God. Every time I open my Bible, I expect to hear from God and when I open this book and start feeding my spirit on the word, I ask God to show me something that will build my faith; I ask Him for something to feed you so that you’ll stay on the cutting edge of God’s kingdom and I ask Him for something that will energize my inner man to bring forth miracles. Proverbs tells us that out of the heart are the issues of life, or, your life is shaped by what you put into your heart. When the Word of God is in your heart, your life is shaped by the word of God. Rom. 10:8 talks about believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth and receiving what you’re believing God for and what you’re speaking.  

See, when you have the word in your heart, you begin to speak the word. Jesus said that the mouth speaks out of the fulness of the heart and the Holy Spirit writes the laws of God in your heart. That’s what Psalm 45:1 is about. “My tongue shall be the pen of a ready writer.” I’ll speak the things that I’m wanting to have as the issues of my life. When God wanted a universe, He spoke and it came to be. When He wanted the earth and seas to bring forth, He spoke specifically what He wanted and it came to be, just like He spoke. When He wanted spoke it first. “Let us make man in our image.” Man was created in His likeness. Now, man does the same thing that God does and we believe God’s word and speak His words. The creative word in our mouths, lining up with the expressed will of God, works as it did in Jesus’ mouth and Paul’s mouth and Peter’s mouth. There’s power in the words you and I speak and it tells in James how the tongue is like a rudder that directs the course of your ship or your life. You can speak good things, blessings and life into your situation by speaking the Word of Life, or you can speak bad things, problems and death into your situation by speaking doubt, negativity and unbelief. That’s why it’s so important that we ALL speak good, uplifting, motivating, wonderful things in our lives.