Prayer Requests

            The Bible tells us about a time when there will be naked Christians and I’m not making this up. In fact, it was Jesus who was warning us and telling us not to be caught naked! In Revelation 16:15 says, “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.” Jesus was reminding us that He’s coming back to earth and He’s giving us a full warning, so we won’t be caught off guard. What He’s talking about is the Rapture. It’s explained in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

            Jesus says that when He comes back, it will be the way a thief comes – He’ll come when you’re not expecting Him. He’ll be coming for a specific reason and to gather things that are valuable to Him. He ISN’T coming back to make you a better Christian. He isn’t coming back to witness to your wayward loved ones. He isn’t coming back to do all the things that He’s commanded YOU to do.

            No, He’s coming back to get things that are valuable to Him, just like a thief does, then once He’s gotten what He’s come for, He’s going to leave as quickly and as quietly as He came. He’ll have come and gone, and you might not even be aware of it that is, not until later. The coming of the Lord is sort of like the coming of the Pastor. For example, one time I dropped by to visit a church member. I didn’t phone first, I was just in the neighborhood and decided to drop by. I walked up to the door and raised my hand to knock.

           With my hand in mid-air and decided not to knock. See, I could hear through the door some of the conversation going on inside. They definitely weren’t expecting the Pastor! So, I just quietly walked back to my car and drove off. I never did let the people know how close they were to having a visit from the Pastor! I came and left but they never knew, and they still don’t know, to this very day!

            Jesus said, “Blessed is he that watcheth.” Blessed, happy, full of joy is the person who is aware and watching for Jesus. You have to watch and have your eyes open all the time. You can’t watch and sleep at the same time. Also, you can’t expect to have your husband or wife watching for you, while you’re living in sin and cutting up. Your mom and dad can’t do it for you either. When Jesus comes back, they won’t have the power to make you able to go in the rapture.

           When you stand before God, it will be on your own by yourself. I believe that most Christians are asleep and that’s only by watching, keeping your eyes open will you be able to keep the garments of your soul. The Bible teaches that our souls are clothed in Jesus’ righteousness. If we want to keep being covered by His righteousness, we have to stay awake, and not be in a drunken stupor, otherwise, we won’t be ready to stand before the Lord, and people will see our spiritual nakedness, our carnality.

            The Bible says that we, as Christians are a kingdom of priests unto our God (Rev.1:6). Once you know that, you’ll be able to understand better what Jesus was saying about His coming as a thief and that you’d better hope He doesn’t catch you napping. See, in the Old Testament days, the tribe of Levi was the holy tribe. They were a tribe of priests and they were the ones who took care of the Temple of God. There was a group of Levites called “Temple Watchers.”

            Their job was to take care of the work of the temple. One thing the Temple Watchers knew was never to go to sleep or be found asleep in the Temple of God. While other people were outside working, it would be easy for a Levite to find a quiet corner in the Temple and go to sleep. Who would know? Well, the boss of the Temple Watchers was the Chief Temple Guard. He had power to go into any part of the Temple at any time. The only thing he looked for was sleeping Temple Watchers.

            What would he do if he came in and found them sleeping? He had the power to take their garments. If he came and found them sleeping, he would first take their clothes off them. Then, he’d drag them to the Temple door and boot them out into the street naked! As they would walk naked from the Temple to their homes, all the rest of Israel knew one thing…they were servants of God who had been unfaithful to their God and their job.

            They had gone to sleep when they should have been watching. Now you’ll understand why Jesus says that He comes as a thief. He’s coming as the Chief Temple Guard! He IS the Chief Temple Guard and comes at any time, day or night, always unannounced.

            “Lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.” When you walk, people see you. He’s talking about your life. If you’re caught napping by Jesus when He comes back, you’ll be left behind in the Rapture. You’ll be stripped naked of your garments and seen by everyone on the outside of the Temple! They’ll know you were a servant of God who had been unfaithful to your God and to your job in the Temple. You’ll be walking among the other people who weren’t living right when Jesus came back.

             You’ll be walking back naked to all those friends and relatives that you’ve been preaching to. You’ll be walking naked among all those people who have seen you going to church all these years. You’ll have to go back and face all those people who thought you were a solid Christian, but they know the real truth. You weren’t watching and Jesus stripped you of your garments and now your shame is open to everyone.

            Jesus said that a sign of the Last Days is when many fall away. In Matthew 24, He says, “Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax (become) cold.” In verses 43-51, He tells the Parable of the Unjust Servant. The unjust servant said in his heart. “My Lord delayeth His coming.” And he fellow servants. Then, his master came back and beat him and cast him out. So many are saying that same thing today, in their hearts. They’re not ready to meet Him. Not at all.

           What you really believe in your heart is always reveled in your actions. That’s why so many are unfaithful in their church attendance but are very faithful in their secular jobs. It’s not what we say with our mouths, it’s what we believe in our hearts. That’s what shows itself in the actions of our bodies. The servant in Jesus’ parable didn’t say with his mouth that his Lord delayed his coming. No, he said it in his heart. That’s what he believed.

            What he believed in his heart started coming out in his actions. He never could have acted like this if he had believed in his heart that his Master would come while he was acting like that. Sometimes I wonder how many will be skip church every week, robbing their Master of due worship and praise because they believed in their hearts that their Lord delayed His coming? You can sing about His coming. You can love the Scriptures about his coming.

           You can even read all the books about it but none of these prove that you believe it in your heart. The way your body behaves prove what your heart really believes. This Scripture is one of the greatest signs that the Lord is coming back soon. The Lord will come in an hour when the cold hearted servant isn’t looking for Him and at a time when the lukewarm servant is unaware…sleeping.

            If you say that you believe in the soon return of the Lord and you do not purify yourself, you’re not telling the truth. You’re walking in self-deception in nakedness.