Prayer Requests

I hope you’re enjoying the presence of the Lord as much as I am. When new people come into a meeting where the Holy Spirit is, they don’t understand it at first. You feel something and its different while at the same time very familiar. It’s the Spirit of God that Jesus said is present whenever 2 or more gather together in His name and we soon recognize the presence of God moving His spirit in our hearts. I’ve had people say to me that they don’t understand the joy, excitement and the enthusiasm that we feel when going to church. I ask them, “Have you ever been to a football game?” They usually say “Yes, but that’s different. Church is supposed to be serious, sedate and boring.” What’s wrong with being excited about the Lord? Even at a lot of churches, the people aren’t excited because they haven’t discerned the Lord’s presence. This leads them to not have anything to be excited about. They have a tough time all week and then they come to church and they sing and hear a little teaching, but at the end of the day, there’s no sense of the actual presence of the Lord.

We’re here and we’re being guided by the Word of God and we’re being inspired by the Spirit of God, touched by the Lord and it feels good. When you sense the presence of the Lord here, you feel His joy! King David testified in (Psalms 16:11). He is showing you the path of life and here in His presence is the fullness of joy and when His hand moves upon us, it’s pleasant. I get fired up about being saved, being forgiven, going to Heaven and having the blessing of God on my life! I don’t know about you, but that still gets me going. Walking with the Lord on a daily basis is the most exciting way a person can live. I believe that unless a person is moving ahead, unless you’re growing, following a vision and/or calling, working your assignment in life and you just can’t be happy. People who aren’t growing and striving and overcoming don’t really experience happiness. They stagnate. No matter how much money, fame, popularity, or power a person has if they’re not happy. A person may have millions of dollars stashed away in the bank and they may live in a mansion and have summer/winter homes, 2 or 3 luxury cars in the garage and most expensive jewelry money can buy, but one thing is for sure, NONE of those things can purchase them a happy and fulfilled life.

With Jesus, when you’re in His presence, you can right now be experiencing joy and true happiness no matter where you are. When you’re forgiven for your sins, there’s a happiness that comes. There’s no one who hasn’t sin or who doesn’t sin. When you’re forgiven for your sins, you get a joy of the Lord and you get a happiness when you begin to change and become a new person. You get a happiness when you make new friends, good friends and decent friends. You get happy with your new life. All the things that the world says makes you happy really doesn’t.

We found that when we stepped away from all those things and begin to follow the Lord 100%, we start growing and really changing. We began to hunger and thirst after the things of God. We sought out people who could help us in our walk with Him. We found a church and a Pastor and a new family who would love us and be there for us no matter what. We got plugged into the Body of Christ, and yes, we gave ourselves to the work of the church and the work of the Lord. And when you do that, there will be people who tell you that you’re at church too much, give too much or changing too much, and when you hear that, all you’re hearing is a person whose life isn’t working. All you’re hearing is a person whose life isn’t working, who doesn’t get it and who needs to change but won’t and who’s threatened by the fact that your life is working. They’re threatened because once they know that the Lord can change you, they know then that they have no excuse.

So, the first thing that a person wants to do is to get you dragged down so he doesn’t have to change. If he can get you to back off and become just one more lukewarm, compromising Christian, then he will keep right on criticizing you because that’s what criticizers do! They criticize rather than change. God made us so that if we aren’t moving ahead in Him or drawing near to Him, then we have no peace, joy or happiness. Here’s a key: Leaving some connections with the old life, making sure there’s always a way to go back to the old ways is an indicator of double mindedness of being ready to compromise if things don’t work out. That’s a manifestation of doubt and unbelief. This is what God said in (Hebrews 10:38.)

God says that you and I live by faith, believing God, trusting God and if a person goes back to the old ways, God has no pleasure in that person. What’s there to go back to anyway? God says this in (Romans 6:21.) What did we get besides pain, shame and embarrassment in the way we used to live?

When you get saved and have your sins forgiven, you have a new life in Jesus and your whole life begins to change. When you begin to trust totally the promises of God in the Bible and what God has planned for your life, that’s when you begin to prosper in every area of life. It’s not a size of a house, or a dollar amount or the kind of car or the amount of jewelry you’re wearing. When you’re walking with God and you’re changed person.

God calls you a new creature. You may look the same on the outside, but on the inside, you’re changed. You’re an overcomer, a blessing in earth, a friend of God and a person who’s after God’s own heart. When you ask Jesus into your life, it sets into motion the forces of God that begins to change your whole life. I can tell you that it isn’t all easy. It isn’t all sun shine and cool breeze, sometimes it hurts. It can hurt really badly sometimes but the Holy Spirit on the inside of you and the prayers of Jesus who is praying for you and the love from other people will keep you going. Did you know that Jesus prays and is praying for you? And did you know that His prayers will give you strength that you need to get you through this life and into Heaven for the next life? Listen to (Hebrews 7:25.) Jesus is able to save anyone who comes to God through Him. There’s no one that Jesus cannot save, if you come to Him. God said right there in His word that you can be saved, no matter where you have come from because Jesus is always praying. That’s what “intercession” means for you. Jesus is praying for you.

One of the things we value is being able to be with other Believers, our sisters and brothers in the Lord. These are the people who have your best interests at heart because we are all part of the same body when one member is blessed, when one is hurting, we all are hurting. (1 Corinthians 12:27). (Verse 26). So we now have the Spirit of the Lord working in our lives, the Word of God, ministry gifts, counsel, support and people who are hurt when we’re hurting. The world just doesn’t have anything even close to what we have here. King David in (Psalm 1:1).

You’re blessed not only because of the people God has put in your life not only to help you and strengthen you, but to also due to some that you begin to move away from and stop taking their bad counsel. The day the Lord sets you free from what other people think or what some lost person is saying about you and what all the backsliders, cynics and skeptics are accusing you of, is the day you start to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s when you stop letting others direct your path.