Prayer Requests


Sometimes you get torn, pulled in two different directions because of the strong forces at work in your life. Sometimes you feel so close to God where all you want to do is serve Him and then, you get hit so hard with temptations, attitudes, hurts and emotions that you wonder if you’re even a Christian anymore. Why? Well, Jesus gives some insight in Luke 22:31-32. “And the Lord said, ‘Simon, Simon, behold satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not.” Two worlds want you and the reason you can go from feeling so close to God to so far away is due to two worlds wanting you. Two kingdoms are fighting a battle for you with God wanting you and satan wanting you. Satan wants to mess up other peoples’ lives as well as yours and sift you like wheat. Jesus wants you and He has prayed for you. Yes! God prays for you. He wants you to be a force for good in this world and be a blessing to people who are less fortunate and spiritual than you. Why does Jesus and the devil both want you? Jesus and the devil want you for the same reason and they both want you as an ally, coworker and to carry out their purposes and plans on earth. Jesus is seeking and saving those who are lost. He’s saving people and can only reach them through people who are already saved. The devil is bent on destroying people and wants to use one person to ruin another. In other words, YOU count for either better or evil in this world.

The value of your life and the battle that’s raging for your soul lets you know the kind of value that you have in the spiritual world and a human being is the most coveted possession in the universe. The fact that human souls is the most coveted possession in Heaven and Hell says a lot and neither God nor the devil would fight over something that isn’t worth much to them. Do you realize that your soul is worth more than all the riches and power in the entire earth? Jesus said, “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and yet loses his soul? Or, what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” The world was made for man. Think about it. Why did God make the world to be beautiful, have sunsets, flowers that are pretty and smell good, gold, diamonds and jewels on earth? When God put the vast mineral resources in the earth, whom did He do it for? It wasn’t for the birds, bees or butterflies. No, it was for us. All of the resources of the earth were created to minister to man. God gave Adam and Eve dominion over all the works of His hands. Everything God made was for our convenience and comfort. All the treasures and natural laws of earth, all the vast resources and forces of nature were created for man. The bounty of Heaven and earth were made available so man’s wants and desires can be supplied. God loves you enough to give His best and He has a major investment in you. God created all the best things of Heaven and earth for you.

Then, there’s the Cross. Once we got lost, God still valued you enough to send Jesus to earth to redeem you. God gave His only Son so that He could redeem, buy back, His lost children. Jesus willingly went to the Cross for you and me, to buy our freedom from the domination of the forces of darkness. Jesus definitely wants you and He loves you. He wants to sift out the chaff to remove all that holds you back from being what He created you to be and wants to make you like He is. Satan definitely wants you and he hates you. He wants to wipe out all that’s God-like from you and sift out the good from your life. When he’s done, there’s very little of you that’s still in the image of God and he wants you to be like he is an outcast, lost and alone. The devil wants to mess up your life and he’ll spare no expense to destroy you. He’ll promise you anything to get you under his control by lying, give you things God with-held from you if that’s what it takes to get you to turn your back on God. When you yield to Jesus and obey Him, you become like He is and when you yield and obey the enemy, you become like the enemy. You’re the focus of a conflict between the Kingdom of God and the world of the darkness. There’s a deadly battle being fought over every soul on earth and either Heaven is going to win or hell. They both can’t and you can’t belong to both.

There won’t be a partnership or compromise between Jesus and the enemy and there’s no neutrality. You either belong to Heaven or not. We’re all either allies with the angels or with the forces of darkness. We’re either helping to save peoples’ lives or destroy them. God doesn’t get to decide who wins neither does the devil. You do. The final decision has to come from you. God can’t make you be faithful to Him and the devil can’t control your thoughts and actions. The enemy can tempt you and appeal to your desires and Jesus prays for you and send His Holy Spirit to lead you to the House of God to convict you of sin and to help you come to the Father. The devil uses lies, flattery and deception and appeals to your carnality and emotions and Jesus comes to you and points you to the cross. You make the decision that decides who stays and who goes. They both can’t stay. Jesus said, “No man can serve two masters. He will either be joined to one and separated from the other or serve one and deny the other.” One of them will be yielded to and the other will be turned away. What do you say to the enemy? What are you going to say to Jesus? They both are willing to be either accepted or turned away.

One will be crowned as a King in your life and the other will be crucified. Whichever one you serve and obey will be waiting for you at the end of your days and will determine where you will spend your eternity. Remember, God loves you and prays for you!