Prayer Requests


Some of us aren’t very strong. We get discouraged easily and frequently feeling like throwing in the towel and it seems like we’re living under a cloud of melancholy or depression, and even though God does frequently bless us, we still tend to stay mostly sad. Others live in a place of one trial and misfortune after another and we’ve had tragedies, upsets and what some people would call “bad luck” all of our lives. We can wholeheartedly agree with what Job said, “Man is born to trouble, even as the sparks fly upwards.” Who among us isn’t at some time overly sensitive and easily hurt? Like a delicate flower blossom, we can find that the slightest bump or jar causes us to go to pieces and fall apart. We’re not always like that, but, when we’re in “full bloom” almost anything can dash our hopes and steal our joy and that’s where Jesus comes in. He binds up our broken hearts and strengthens our wounded spirits and He bathes our wounds and gently deals with us when we’re despondent. He’s never hard or lacking in tenderness for us when we’re afflicted.

He also doesn’t leave us in our weakened and wounded condition. Isaiah 30:3 says, “Strengthen ye the weak hands and confirm the feeble knees.” That’s what He does for us so our lives don’t have to keep being so painful. Hands and knees have plenty to do with our journey to Heaven. When we’re depressed or feeling discouraged, our hands hang almost lifelessly down at our sides. Our grip’s weaker and we can’t grab and hold onto the things that take a little more effort. Our strength seems to drain out of our hands when we’re despondent. When we’re scared, really scared, our knees don’t work right and we can get immobilized, paralyzed with fear. We try to run and instead of picking one foot up then the other, our knees just knock together. So, the hands and knees are pretty good indicators of what’s going on in a person’s heart and mind. When we’re full of confidence, boldness and faith, our hands are ready, active and useful. Our knees are strong, carry us where we need to go and getting us there quickly.

In your spiritual walk, your heart is assailed by fears and doubts and your hands hang down at your side. Your hands stop giving active service to the Kingdom of God. They grow weak, just at the time that God needs His laborers the most and the strength to put your hands to work in the House of the Lord and in His vineyard all but leaves you. Heart and knees when your heart is unstable, your knees begin to grow feeble in the same way. You become unable to pray fervently and mightily, unable to “wrestle with God” and you become unable to fight for the victory. The good fight of faith has to be fought on your knees so if they become feeble, you begin to lose out with God. With weak hands, you also no longer have the strength to take hold on the good promises of your God and hang in there and this is why God wants to strengthen your weak hands and give strength to your feeble knees. If you’re like me, when you’re discouraged, you want Jesus to lay down in a bed and carry you down the road to Heaven. Instead, He gives us strength and tells us, “Take up thy bed and walk!”

Jesus gives us life and strength so He can work in us and through us, doing the works of His Father in Heaven. A person can’t properly be called a Christian who doesn’t have it in his or her heart to actively be in God’s service. We aren’t able to lay hold on the promises if your hands are weak and we can’t lift the brother or sister who have fallen when our hands are weak. We can’t run from temptation if our knees are feeble and we can’t stand firm against the attacks of the enemy with feeble knees. We can’t very well pray when our knees are knocking. Feeble kneed people can be recognized by how hard it is for them to drag themselves to church faithfully. When our knees are weak, instead of prayer being a time of blessing, refreshing and power, our prayer closet becomes a place of weeping and all it takes is for the Christian to become doubting, untrusting and unsure of God and he or she loses all power before the throne of God. The promises, mercy and the reliefs are there, but the weak hands can’t take hold of the promise, while the feeble knees can’t carry them back into everyday life. The weak-kneed Christian never knows joy or victory for very long. All it takes is for a little problem or a flack and the feeble kneed Christian is falling and flailing in the dirt of this present world. The weak-kneed Christian is dirty where he out to be strong by now. You can’t afford to allow your hands to be weak and your knees to be feeble any longer. This kind of feebleness is why some of us have made such little progress on the road for Heaven and it’s why you might be able to look back and discover that you don’t know that much more about Jesus or the Bible than you did four or five years ago.

In the case of some of the people receiving this message, you have to acknowledge that you’re not as diligent in your service to God as you were just a few short years ago. Isn’t the reason you feel like you haven’t made any advance or are even going backwards because you’ve allowed your hands to grow weak and your knees to get feeble? You’ve let your prayer life deteriorate. You’ve neglected your Bible for days on end and when you pray, you don’t pour out your heart like you used to do, and you don’t have the faith that you used to posses and you’ve stopped claiming the promises and are no longer taking God at His Word. How can you make any progress on the road to Heaven if you doubt your own God? Weak hands and feeble knees keep us from being obedient to God and when He calls for us, we’re not in the place or condition where we can respond. It seems like Christians in our day and age are basically content being lukewarm and slothful and when there’s no reason to believe that God will ever accept this kind of so-called service.

What causes Christians to allow the enemy to weaken them to the point that they’re helpless as babies and equally defenseless? I answered my own question and many Christians ARE infants. They haven’t been born again very long and God doesn’t expect His babies to get up and start walking and working right away. He carries them until they have gotten enough strength from the Word to be able to take their place in the Body of Christ. Other than the new Believers and babies in Christ, there are more common causes for weakness and feeble knees: Starvation, lack of exercise and lack of fellowship. When you don’t take the time to obey God and feed on His word, you’ll become “weak as other men” and you’ll lose Heaven’s strength in your fight against sin, the devil and yourself. You’ll easily succumb to the devils lies and tricks when you leave off feeding on God’s word. Lack of exercise will likewise weaken you and put you in a degenerative condition. When God says, “Exercise thyself unto godliness,” but you think you have a better idea, you’ll grow feeble. You would be a lot stronger if you labored more. How can a person be content to just sit in their seat and giving so little to the work of God that it barely can even be called “seat rent”? Soon, you will be absent from the services and even more unfaithful in the field where God has called you to labor.

Lack of fellowship keeps you from having the strength of a good conscience and the encouragement that we all need. When you play hooky from the House of God, you’re merely sending the devil a loud, clear signal that you’re a chump whose plump and ready for the picking and in no time, he’ll be coming after you, ready to pluck you from the vine. Lack of faith keeps you from prayer and lack of prayer keeps you weak as a baby. When you doubt God, you won’t have any heart in your prayer and striving against sin will be slight and unconvincing. Nothing can stand against a Christian who prays. God wants to give you strength against that problem and He’s letting it be there until you call out to Him for help…being willing to drop anything and everything that make you weak, poor and feeble. Call on Him for strength and give Him your sins and your doubts. Let Him fill you with HIS power and might and pour out your heart to Him and let Him pour out His spirit on you.