Prayer Requests

           Even good Christians sometimes find themselves in a trap they can’t get out of. Could be a temper problem that’s been getting out of control lately. Or sense of depression and being overwhelmed that’s become an unshakable pattern. Others find their problem in the area of eating. They know they shouldn’t be eating as much as they are…and they know they shouldn’t be eating the kinds of things they’re eating, but, just the same, they can’t get a grip. Out of control spending; acquiring debt; doing things that you KNOW are going to get you in trouble if you don’t stop. Of course, there are other areas I could name; alcohol, pills, cocaine or gambling. Things like that are literal traps in life. Things that the psychologist would call compulsive behavior. Things that get you in their snare and won’t let go of you.

            A promise for you. Psalm 91:3 says, “Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler.” Like a hunter who goes after exotic birds, to trap them, the devil is smart. Satan knows hat Proverbs 1:17 is true. “Surely in vain is the net spread in the sight of any bird.” So, when the devil wants to snare us, he spreads his net secretly. He covers it up. Or, he might use the kind of trap you can see. He fills it with delicacies, so you think you’re going in for a banquet but, instead, you’re walking right into the trap of the fowler.

            The devil doesn’t have to set traps for the unsaved. Just for Christians. Why? The unsaved doesn’t have to be tricked into sin. The unsaved person doesn’t care two hoots about whether what he or she is doing is sin. You’re not like that. You have to be caught secretly. He has to lead you step at a time down the path to the snare that he has set for you. In the same that a bird wouldn’t knowingly fly into a snare that would bring his destruction, you as a Christian wouldn’t get yourself entangled in a situation that you thought would snare you.

            I think most Christians truly mean well. The people I’ve known who used to be obedient and faithful and pure, but who have fallen, most of them didn’t walk into sin that was blatant. It started off rather innocently, or as a matter of weakness is a time of feeling defeated. Or alone. How we get snared. If the devil was blatant, you’d never give in to him. That’s why he comes in quietly, sweetly and almost unnoticed. Many Christians have been taken in an evil snare because it was so small, so unthreatening and seemed so innocent. The sweets and goodies that were spread all around it were so inviting that it seemed like no possible harm could come from just a taste or two. Once it’s let in, it spreads like the fire on a flaming arrow shot into a house of straw. Just an opening the size of the tip of the arrow…but that’s all it took. Soon the flame spreads and seems to engulf everything in you.

            The fowler is known for his flexibility. He has different snares for different kinds of birds. Some, he catches in the ground and others he in nets strung across tree branches. Even then, there are still others that he attacks using hawks and other birds trained to prey on the innocent. The fowler uses bait. He knows what each of us has a taste for and what each of our weaknesses are, specifically what he must do to lure us into his snare. He won’t tempt me with the same thing he would tempt you with and he won’t tempt me with the same snare that he is going to catch another person in. Just like for the bird where he uses seed to lure them to bondage, he uses alluring bait to catch a human soul. He uses things that are pleasant to you.

            God’s deliverance. He delivers us FROM and OUT of the snare of the fowler. First, God delivers you FROM the snare of the fowler and keeps you from getting ensnared. What does God use? Usually, he uses things that we don’t even like an interruption just when you’re getting ready to do something wrong. Or a phone call or uninvited company dropping by when you thought you were going to get to be all alone. God sometimes uses car failure – a dead battery or even a flat tire and even sickness at times. He uses many devices to keep you from getting into the snare of the fowler. That’s why some Christians are always broke because He knows that it’s the only way to keep them out of trouble. God uses your failures, illnesses, heartaches, poverty and grief to keep your soul from being ensnared by the fowler.

            God also uses the strength of your commitment and your decision to be obedient in order to deliver you from the snare of the fowler. That’s how He stopped Joseph from committing adultery with Potiphar’s wife in the book of Genesis. When she tried to seduce him, he cried out, “How can I do this great sin against God?” His commitment to obey God saved him from the snare of the fowler. Saving you from the snare. God also has ways of saving you, once you’re already IN the snare of the fowler. Thank God. You and I both know what it’s like to have been caught in the nets of the devil. We’ve not only seen it spread on our path, but we’ve taken in it. We know a little of being in the cage because we’ve been on the inside of the fowler’s cage, even since knowing the Lord.

            The fowler’s hands have had our necks in a choke hold and it’s only been the grace of God that we haven’t been destroyed, you and I. Christians think about the goodness of God. When in an hour of weakness, you’ve come into the snare and the hand of God has brought you out of it. He’s done it before, and you have His word that He’ll do it this time as well. You might be discouraged. You’re a backslider and you can’t imagine being out of the net. You’ve been caught up in its folds for such a long time now. God’s still going to restore you and you’ll be brought out of what you’ve fallen in – God is going to number you amongst His people. “Surely He shall deliver THEE from out of the snare of the fowler.”

            By using troubles, trials, weaknesses and tribulations; by using the inner power of the Holy Spirit dealing in your heart; by one means or another, God shall surely deliver you out of the fowler’s snare. Why God will deliver you. Mainly, because He promised to. Jesus has also promised to, when He became the Shepherd of the Flock of God. To Him, you’re worth more in his sight than MANY sparrows. You’re Heavenly Father taketh care of them and surely YOU shall be delivered from out of the snare of the fowler.