Prayer Requests

The only way to find out what’s inside of somebody is to put an opportunity in front of them. Things that trip you up are…

  1. Doubt – Gets you when you’re alone, driving maybe little creepers get into your mind and start eating away at your faith. They start devouring your faith and the closer God’s blessing gets to you and the more active they get. It usually comes in quiet and starts gnawing away at your faith. You have to cast it out. “Get out of here!” A lot of people let that doubt stay in their mind because they have so many problems and fears that doubt seems only reasonable.
  2. You have to start filling your time with the things of God. Get with other faith-filled positive people. Listen to the Word and hang around afterwards and listen. The more you listen to people who are where you want to be, the better off you’ll be. “Yeah, but…” Get rid of it! It says – you make sense and I asked what I should do and you told me but I’m not going to do what you said.
  3. I’m talking to you who are serious, totally serious about the Kingdom of God. The Spirit of God has gotten down inside of you. You’re pressing on the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus and you’re going to make it. No doubt about it, you have to watch out for a few things.
  4. Watch things that are said even privately. You might publically be on fire, but at home be letting some of that doubt come out of your mouth. Your family looks up to you to set the pace. As you get critical of other believers or the work of God, they’ll start picking up on your doubt. When you start thinking it and speaking it gets planted in their hearts and destroys their faith.
  5. Keep your zeal and enthusiasm levels up. Pay attention to attitude and tone of voice even you answer the phone. You make a commitment that even if you are down, you don’t EVER pass it on to someone else. To them, you’re always full of faith and zeal. You don’t come here to hear all my boo-hoos and problems. You come here for the same reason I do which is to make a difference to do something with your life. You come to church to be uplifted. I am never down in the dumps around our people. I owe it to you not to bring you down; you’re not coming here to be in my ‘pity party’, but to praise and worship the Lord of Glory!
  6. When you’re on a mission to touch peoples lives, the less time you spend with doubts and complaints. You have the power to cast out doubt and unbelief.
  7. You can’t grow in God when you’re dwelling on your inferiorities and lack. Some people let their background serve as an excuse why they can never get ahead or have anything. But other people just like you, come in, starting where you are they begin winning their friends to Jesus. Any excuse for failure that you pick will work! In the Kingdom of God you’re born again, your slate is clean and you can make a fresh start with everyone! It’s in your power it you act on it. Tap in to this word. Lock onto it. Don’t let go. Stay away from negative people and criticizers, let of depression, fear, discouragement and enjoy being on the winning team!