Prayer Requests

The Bible says in Revelation 12:11 that the saints (that’s what God calls us Believers) overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

The Bible is very clear that we overcome the enemy. It’s also very clear of the 2 greatest tools in defeating him.

First, there’s the blood of the Lamb. It’s the blood of Jesus that gives us the legal right to become the children of God. It’s the death of Jesus on the cross, where His blood was spilled that secures our place as members of the family of God.  The second tool is the word of our testimony. That’s when we speak of the things God has done for us.

God has done wonderful things for each of us. Some people spend so much time talking about what they’re NOT pleased with, or criticizing other people, that they rarely get around to talking about what God has done for them. People like this are easily overcome by the enemy. When you talk about what God has done, it helps you to overcome the enemy in 3 ways.

First, it builds YOUR faith to hear yourself speaking the things God has done for you to think on, and to speak of the good things God has done in your life. It’s good to call to mind the blessings God has bestowed on you. It helps you get a perspective on what God’s doing rather than wallowing in your own problems and life’s injustices.

Second, when you speak about the good things God has done, it strengthens other Believers. Sometimes, when a person is feeling beat down and discouraged, they just need to hear that God’s still alive and is blessing someone.

Your testimony, whether it’s the testimony of protection, guidance or of an answered prayer can ignite a fire of faith in someone else whose light’s growing dim.

Many times, when I feel worn out or overwhelmed, someone will call me to share something wonderful that the Lord has done for them. It just blesses me to hear how God didn’t leave them in a place of despair, but instead how He brought them a season of refreshing. When that happens, it’s not long before my own spirit is soaring and recharged.