Prayer Requests


When I pray for the people God called me to minister to, I ask Him to help me to bring the very best and most helpful words from Heaven. Words that will help you to walk with God, strengthen your faith and give you the power to overcome the forces that keep coming against you. The Lord brought me to the place in the Word about how a double minded person is unstable in every way or in every area of life. A double minded person is one who can’t seem to make up his or her mind about how he or she really wants to live or what he or she truly wants to be. You can be sincere, but double minded and you might not be a hypocrite or mean, but you can honestly be torn between things that just don’t go hand in hand with serving Jesus Christ. You probably have hidden it from yourself and not deceiving yourself and thinking that it’s ok to keep living in a self-sabotaging way and you’re probably painfully aware, that a lot of the areas in your life are working against you – yet, for some strange reason, you hang on to them.

A house divided against itself. Even if you’re sincere, being divided against yourself will affect you, will have the same results as if you’re totally insincere. Jesus said, in Luke 11:17, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against itself falleth.” Many Christians live with two mind sets and they’re houses divided against themselves. They believe in God, they’re asked Jesus into their lives, they want to go to Heaven, but deep down, they obey other forces that are operating in their lives. They’re like the alcoholic who said, “I have a problem. Eight hours a day, I stay sober and sixteen hours a day I’m a drunk. My problem is…I believe in majority rule.” So, he lets the drunk in him rule over the responsible adult. A lot of Christians are like that, living on a small majority without the power left to become what they know they should be. There’s no abundant life when you’re one way on the outside and harboring a whole different way of life on the inside.

Why can’t get excited for very long. When you’re in two minds, all your energy goes to inner fights, struggles, failures and then into trying to repent and act differently. That happened a lot in the history of Israel. “They feared the Lord and served other gods.” I see a lot of Christians like that. They’re afraid of God, but then, on the other hand, look at the things they do. No man can serve two masters. The reason so many Christians try to serve God and spare the flesh is this: They have secretly liked staying the way they’ve been for years and they’re in a rut but they’ve gotten comfortable in it. In fact, it’s almost part of their identity. They identify with the problem in their life. “I’m the guy with a hot temper!” “I’m a person who just has a hard time being faithful.” “Well, you know me…I never could resist a little gossip.” New wine, old bottles. What they’re trying to do is to put new wine into old bottles…and make it work. Again, Jesus says you can’t do it. If you think you CAN, you’re deceived.

To people who deceive themselves, they see nothing wrong with missing church for the weakest of excuses. They can even just drop out, because they’re tired, too busy or any other excuses. The Bible says, “Be not deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap. He that soweth (or obeys) to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption…” To people doing THIS gig, God’s really more like a spiritual hobby, but a spiritual hobby will never gain you entrance into Heaven, it’ll just make you feel good, it’ll never help you to be good. Jesus told us not to put new wine into old bottles and old bottles are our old habits. That’s why you have to make up your mind with whom you’re going to serve. A double minded person is unstable in all ways. You’ll either walk with God or not. Your flesh doesn’t want to surrender to Jesus and it might quiet down for a while, though. It’ll put up with your walking with Jesus for a few weeks or months, but then it rebels and goes on a rampage. It’ll have a temper tantrum and go on a binge, determined to be satisfied apart from Jesus.

Why being a Christian is drudgery for so many? Walking in double mindedness wipes out so many potentially fruitful Believers, well because of these inner forces that aren’t surrendered, too many of us live tense, frustrated lives. Serving Jesus becomes a duty – it’s more a list of shalt nots, do nots and can’t rather than the joy of a liberated child of God. To a lot of Believers, the Christian life is just a long, bone wearying trial. That’s why somebody said, “Being a Christian might not stop you from sinning; but it sure will take the joy out of it.” Christians who don’t surrender every area of their lives to the Lordship of Jesus think that’s the way of life has to be for them: Feeling empty, yielding to wrong drives and feeling under condemnation. The joy’s gone from their sinning but their sinning isn’t gone. Too many have just enough surrendering to Jesus to overcome it. What don’t I want to say on my dying bed? I heard a story about a minister laying on his dying bed saying, “Lord have mercy on us!” A fellow minister standing by said, “I hope with MY last breath I can say that.”

Well, I hope I don’t have to say that. I hope I say, “My Lord, my God!” I don’t want a life filled with my guilt. I want a life filled with Jesus’ goodness, power, ability to set me free. I don’t want a life of sitting on the lid of a trash can hoping none of it spills out. I want a life Jesus on the throne of my heart, with the filth, garbage and sin gone and the power of His resurrection, but a life of release. It’s not a life of frustration but fruitfulness and gladness. Let Jesus get on the throne of your heart and have a life where you have God’s grace, sweetness and abundance. Get your soul stirred and put your life, loves and affections on the altar of God. Get back the joy power and purity of your salvation. Call an unchurched friend, or a church drop out and invite them to go with you one day to church and receive a touch from Heaven.