Prayer Requests


The teacher asked the third-grade class to bring in copies of their birth certificates for show and tell. Each student would show his or her birth certificate and then tell how much his or her birth weight, where the hospital was, birth measurements and other particulars. When it was Franny’s turn, she burst into tears and began sobbing saying, “I lost my excuse for being born!” You can get like that, we all can. With so much else in the world to do and the many demands of daily life, we can all begin to lose our “excuse for even being born” and get to a place where you see no purpose, no excitement and no expectancy.

Esther, a young woman in the Bible, was challenged to believe that she had been born for a purpose and in Esther 4:14, her uncle asked her, “Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” They were in tough times and needed some answers, help and influence. Esther knew something needed to be done and she looked to her uncle but he wasn’t in a position to do what was needed. So, he challenged HER with the purpose of her being in THAT kingdom at THAT time in history. Why are YOU in the kingdom of God at THIS time in history? More specifically, why are you associated with THIS church at this time in God’s history? There’s a reason!

When we read about how fast our area is growing and how rapidly it’s developing, we know that we have to do what God called each one of us to do, do it well and do it now. Everyday there are more and more people coming to this area and we can’t even begin to put a dent in the numbers of people who are without Jesus until we all get up and get serious about what He has brought each of us into the Kingdom for. Otherwise, the job won’t get done right, it won’t get done in time and it won’t get done by the people gifted by God to do it. A mother saw her 12-year-old son trying to sew a button on his shirt and said, “You’re going about it all wrong! You have the thimble on the wrong finger!” He said, “I know! It ought to be on YOURS!” The point is that, it’s easy to be critical of someone who’s trying to do a job for Jesus when they’re not doing it as well as we could. If they’re not handling it the best way, it’s probably the Holy Spirit’s way of whispering for us to put the thimble on our own finger and use our talents for the Lord.

God has rewards for you and they’re related to the skills that He’s planted in your heart and the abilities He’s given you. He’s brought you into His kingdom to use those skills and abilities for Him so more peoples’ lives can be saved. You have abilities that are absolutely vital to the work that God wants to do here in Southern Maryland. Maybe somebody else is smarter that you in SOME areas or speaks better, but they CAN’T do well what YOU can do well.

I once read an article about a jet test pilot who had flown a supersonic jet to a near record attitude. A few days after his test flight, he was riding to work on his motor scooter and just outside the airfield, he lost control of his scooter and was thrown onto the road – breaking his arm in two places. He was near genius at flying experimental supersonic aircraft but he had problems with a simple little motor scooter. Like the test pilot, some of us can do certain things really well, but we’re almost incompetent at other things. The person you think isn’t doing so good of a job is probably very aware of it – and would welcome your help and input with open arms.

1 Corinthians 3:5-9 tells us that different ones of us are gifted at different things. Each has a job to do, function to perform, place in God’s work and when we do it, God gives the increase. The increase is dependent on EACH of us doing what God put here to do and then it comes in verse 8, “each one of us will receive his own reward according to his own labor.” Verse 9, “we are God’s fellow workers.” It’s not those other peoples we’re working with, bit it’s God we’re with. Maybe you feel like you’re too unskilled or unspiritual to do anything for the kingdom of God. Think about this: Remember the dodo bird? It’s extinct now but we all know what a dodo is.  It’s not a very nice name to call a person who’s not too bright. Anyway, the dodo was a large bird, with a 50-pound ash gray fat and lumpy body. It had a ridiculous tail of curly feathers and each wing had only 3 or 4 black feathers. It had big feet, hooked beak and huge legs.

Dodos only lived on there islands in the Indian Ocean and settlers came in the wipe them out. One of the settlers wrote in his journal that when he tried to eat them, “the more and longer they are cooked, the less soft and more unpalatable their flesh becomes.” In 1977, it was discovered that the beautiful calvaria tree that grows on those three islands where the dodos lived were dying out. Why? Well, the tree’s seeds could sprout only after being run through the dodo’s intense digestive system. All but 13 trees died, due to lack of dodo birds! Fortunately, it was discovered that turkeys could be imported to do for the environment what the dodos had been put there to do.

You might feel like a dodo and you might not fly like an eagle, but God put you into His kingdom for a time such as this. Maybe you’re a turkey and there aren’t any dodos to do the job that needs doing – so you can step in and do a life saving work. Jesus like in nature, where God didn’t make any useless creatures and, in the church, God didn’t put any useless people. No one has nothing to offer. I want you to make a commitment to your God right now. Offer Him your talents, your abilities, thoughts, cares, finances and your time and ask Him what He gave these gifts to you for. Then, offer them to Him to use for His eternal purposes. He’s probably already pointed out to you one or more things that are like the jet pilot trying to ride a motor scooter – a job being done by someone who isn’t too good at it. That’s your call to service. You already noticed some seeds that aren’t growing – there’s not a dodo bird where there ought to be and that’s your call to be a turkey.

You haven’t lost your “excuse for being born.” You’ve just let it get mixed up with other things.