Prayer Requests


 You have a specific mission, a task from God. God has a plan for you. A plan that’ll affect your life as well as the lives of those you touch. You’re sent from God. So am I.

 You might not have realized you’re on a mission. You might have been living on God’s forgiveness – completely ignoring your responsibilities as a child of God.

            Each of us is sent into the world to do a work for the Father. Jesus said, “As the Father has sent Me, so I send you.” He has sent us into a world that’s been stricken with evil, pain and suffering…a world darkened by remorse and sorrow.

            We’re sent to people who have been tormented by the enemy and held captive at his will. Our job is to bring light into the darkness and freedom where there is bondage, and liberty where there is imprisonment.

            Most Christians are completely oblivious to their calling and purpose. But Jesus is calling just as plainly and as personally NOW as He did when He was on the shores of Galilee…when He called His first disciples. He’s calling us, just like He called them, to become “fishers of men.”

            In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus brings out this point in a captivating way. You know the story: A man was traveling and fell among thieves who robbed him and beat him, leaving him on the side of the road to die. Soon, a priest walked by, and when he saw the man, he passed over to the other side of the street. So did a couple of other religious people. Finally, a Samaritan (a person whom people looked down on) came by. He took care of the man, dressed his wounds and carried him to a motel to stay. He paid the bill and told the owner to let the man stay as long as he needed to – the Samaritan would pay the bill for the hurting man. Jesus then said that WE should go and do the same thing.

            You and I are surrounded by people on the road of life, every day, who have been robbed, wounded and are dying. You can’t drive down the road without being made aware of a life without God.

            You can’t sit in your own comfortable home without being constantly brought into the presence of the problems and pains and miseries that people are being taken by. Wherever we are, no matter what we’re doing, the glaring reality of people “robbed, beaten and left for dead” are brought to our attention.

            But, if you spend any time at all in the Presence of God, if you kneel before Him at all on a regular basis, you live differently. If we live in the light of eternity, we’ll see the whole world differently.

            As we develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, the same compassion will grip us that gripped Jesus. Whenever someone was in pain or distress, Jesus took it as a call to action…a call to manifest the love of the Father. We begin to experience what it means to be “moved with compassion.” The very same compassion that filled the heart of Jesus will begin to trickle, and then to flood our hearts.

            Curiously, when we aren’t filled with compassion, we don’t seem to be aware of the needs and the sufferings that surround us.

            Yet, once we begin spending time in the Presence of our Lord, the Holy Spirit begins to give us the call…and our eyes open…we find out that there are so many people hurting and needing help – literally crying out for a helping hand that we can’t imagine how we could’ve missed them before! “WHY DIDN’T WE KNOW THERE WERE SO MANY NEEDS AND SO MANY HURTING, WOUNDED PEOPLE?”

            Probably because we weren’t in the PLACE to see them. We weren’t walking with the Lord close enough. Weren’t looking for them. We were living more for our own spiritual enjoyment, happy that we were hoping to go to Heaven and not even thinking about helping OTHER people to go there. We were too concerned about ourselves and our own problems. That’s why.

            We can’t truly feel compassion from a distance. It comes when we get close. Close to our God and close to God, He leads us to the people we can help. When we get close to them, we can feel their pains and wounds…compassion gets flowing and our hearts become tender.

            Just like the Good Samaritan. Form a distance, the robbed and beaten man looked a mess. But, when he got closer, he could see the cuts, the swollen bruises, the gaping wounds, and his heart melted. That’s what got him to be moved with compassion.

            Like the Good Samaritan, once we’re moved with compassion, self-denial and self-sacrifice become easy. Almost as though we have no choice. I might suggest that when we’re moved with compassion, we really don’t have any choice but to deny ourselves and sacrifice.

            The Good Samaritan gladly picked up the injured man and put him on his donkey. He had gotten the donkey for himself…for his own comfort and as a luxury. But, once he was moved with compassion, he was only too willing to let a complete stranger ride his donkey, while HE walked alongside.

            Mile after mile, he walks alongside the victim of the robbers, supporting him and keeping him from falling. At last, they come to the motel! He takes out a major amount of money and gives it to the hotel keeper.

            WHY?! Why do all this for a total and complete stranger who would never be able to pay him back even a penny? BECAUSE COMPASSION FILLED HIS HEART AND WITHOUT IT, THE OTHER MAN WOULD’VE DIED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!

            It’s the same way with us. Once we get involved with helping other people, we care for them as though they were our own! We give them our time, our resources and our hearts! We do without, so that they can have an easier time getting started in their new life with Jesus!

            There are people dying on the side of the road all around you. People who have been beaten by life. Robbed by thieves. Conned by liars and destroyers.

            Jesus is telling you to be moved with compassion…once again. Where would the man on the side of the road have been, if the Good Samaritan has said, “I don’t FEEL like helping that guy”?

            Where would YOU and I be if Jesus had said the same thing when WE needed help?

            What if Jesus had started at the cross and said, “I just don’t feel comfortable in these situations?”

            Jesus never said those things. There were no excuses coming out of his mouth. Instead, there was a determined and sincere, “I WILL!” And he kept on, moved with compassion, from one person to the next, from one need to the next, until He went to the Cross, to make the ultimate sacrifice for you and me.

            Now, He says, “As the Father hath sent Me, so send I you.” Jesus has sent you to those friends of yours who are wasting their lives in self-destruction and foolishness. He has sent you to people you pass in the stores and see in the parking lots, to give them a helping hand and words of compassion that will change their lives.

            He has sent you to those that other people would pass over, would cross the street to avoid. But He has sent you to them, to bind up their wounds, to bring healing and to save their lives, bearing their burdens. He has sent you to be like Him, like it says in John 4:17, “As He is, so are WE in this world!”