10am Express Service

10 am Express Service Golliday CafeSome people's schedules don't allow them have the luxury of sleeping in, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and then moseying over to catch an 11am service. They need to get to church, worship, fellowship with others and hear a message from the Word of God, and then get on with their day.


A lot of people have to work on Sunday, and need to get to work at noon or sooner. Others have kid in sports and they need to get out of church early. For some, it's family demands and grass mowing and other chores. 

Whatever your reason is, whatever your schedule is, the Express Service might be right for you.  BTW, be aware that during the Express Service, we don't have any Nursery or Kids' programs. 

The Express Service starts at 10am, in the Golliday Cafe. We sing usually just two songs. After that is the message, and we generally get out around 10:40. It's a bit more concentrated, but you still get the worship, the teaching and the fellowship that is so important. Plus, you can get on with whatever else you need to do on Sunday!