The Worship Center is a multi/racial, multi/generational and diverse gathering of Believers from many backgrounds and life experiences. Being in the DC Metro area, we have people from all over the country who have ended up here as a result of their jobs or families, or just that they grew up in the area.

We love Jesus and want to help others get to know Him as well. We're not perfect but we know the One who is, and He works in us and through us to develop our potential in Him and to fulfill your purpose in life. As we walk with Him, the Holy Spirit grows us  and uses us to bring hope and healing to a hopeless and broken world.  

We’re a community of real, down to earth hardworking people who work together to make a positive difference in the world and in peoples' lives. To us, church isn’t a building, but instead, it’s the people gathered who need each other and who experience the transforming power of God. If you want to find a place to serve, worship and grow, you'll find a multitude of ministries and opportunities to work alongside people who love God and each other.

What We Offer

  • Outreach Ministries
  • Kids Ministries
  • Teens Ministries
  • Adult Ministries
  • Community Service opportunities
  • Overseas Mission opportunities

Our Mission

We want to glorify God by letting Him first change our lives, and then to reach our whole community with the good news Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also want to help people to get to know the Lord in a real and personal way in their lives and be filled with and yielded to the Holy Spirit.

Under Guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill this vision we:


  • Encourage everyone to have a personal prayer life and devotional life
  • Provide public worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship opportunities
  • Encourage continued growth in the area of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and responding to God’s presence in our lives


  • Outreach online through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Sponsoring and/or participating in events designed to reach those investigating claims of Jesus
  • Building relationships with unchurched people in our community
  • Supporting missions locally and internationally


  • Equipping members for service/ministry
  • Teaching the Word of God in accurate and practical ways
  • Helping people discover/develop and use their spiritual gifts/talents for building up the body of Christ, reaching their world and bringing the love of God to those around them
  • Create an encouraging atmosphere of love, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Ministering, supporting and strengthening our church members, friends and families


  • Community Outreach in times of crisis, disaster or other needs
  • Food distribution to individuals and other food pantries and churches
  • Help people in their immediate needs as possible
  • Create opportunities to present the gospel to unreached people
  • Helping people who need help and support in their lives to learn and apply biblical truths and principles to bring about authentic and workable solutions 

Contact us at (301) 375-8655 or email us at office@theworshipcenter.org