Saving Lives. Saving Souls. Saving Futures.

Prayer Requests

The Worship Center is a Spirit-filled, multi-racial church, where you can reach your potential and fulfill your purpose in life. We’re a community of real people working together to make a difference in our world for Christ. To us, the church is not just a building, but people who need each other, and the transforming power of God. We’ve got a great outreach ministry, kids ministries, teens and adult ministries – every thing you’ve been looking for! Our mission is to glorify God by communicating the truth of the Holy Scripture to our whole community while encouraging believers to become fully dependent on Jesus Christ, obedient to the Great Commission and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In prayer and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to fulfill this vision, we:


  • By encouraging private worship and prayer.
  • By providing public worship opportunities.
  • By encouraging the continued awareness of and response to God’s presence.


  • By training in the ministry of evangelism. 
  • By sponsoring events designed to reach those who are investigating the claims of Jesus Christ.
  • By building relationships with unchurched people in our community.
  • By supporting missions locally and abroad.


  • By equipping members for service and ministry.
  • By teaching the Word of God in accurate and practical ways.
  • By helping people discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts and talents for building up the church.
  • By encouraging an atmosphere of love, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • By ministering to, supporting and strengthening our church families.


  • By reaching out to the community.
  • By helping people in their immediate needs.
  • By creating opportunities to present the gospel to those not reached by other ministries.
  • By applying Biblical truths to improve the quality of community life.