Prayer Ministry, Intercession and Prayer Requests

Praying together can bring massive changes, transformations and miracles...

One of the greatest ministries you can have is as a person of prayer. We know that a person is no stronger than their prayer life. A church or ministry is no greater than the prayer that is behind it. We value prayer and always are asking people to pray for us, as a ministry and as individuals with various needs. 

You might be one of those people who is uncomfortable being up front and the center of attention, but you are totally in your element when you are caught up in the realm of prayer. The Bible says that the current ministry of Jesus is intercession, praying for people to be saved, to come to God and for the wellbeing of the people who know Him as well as those who  don't know Him yet. That's in Hebrews 7:25. 

We always need more people who are people of prayer! 

Sometimes, people need help when it comes to what to pray for, or how to make a prayer request.

Some of us never knew how to pray, and we're not very confident in the area of prayer. We're not sure how to do it. We just know that at times when we were in trouble, felt threatened or scared that we called out to God and somehow He heard us and reached down and helped us. Prayer is an area we can all grow in. Growing a prayer life comes from practice, from just praying!

Jesus taught us to pray, to ask God for the things that we need in this life. In the Lords Prayer, He taught us to pray for the food that we need, to pray for forgiveness, to pray to forgive other people. He taught the multitudes to pray for their daily needs. He taught us that we can trust God and to let Him know the things we need, the things that bother us. To pray and thank God for His working in our life, and to ask Him for guidance, strength and help. 

God doesn’t want us to just pray about “spiritual” things, but to pray for the things that we need, to pray for the needs of other people, to pray for the circumstances that we need, literally, to pray for all the things that pertain to this life.

Below is a kickstart list to help you get started in praying. It helps you by exercising your prayer life and faith, while helping the people and situations that you're praying for. Just click and pray! 

  • peoples’ families, friends, neighbors and loved ones.
  • neighborhoods to be safe and protected.
  • those with broken or troubled homes.
  • marriages to be happy, strong, stable and loving.
  • those with broken hearts.
  • widows, widowers, for those who live alone.
  • blessings and peace of mind for those who have lost loved ones.
  • people who are lonely and discouraged.
  • people who are in hospitals or nursing homes.
  • people who are sick, and for people who are dying, that they would be able to make peace with God.
  • the doctors, nurses, medical researchers, and hospital staff who devote their lives to care and bringing healing.
  • first responders – EMT’s, ambulance drivers and people who work in Emergency Services.
  • Fire and Rescue personnel.
  • our police officers and others in law enforcement, for them to be protected and safe, and committed to justice and fairness in all they do.
  • our schools, colleges, universities and for the safety of all those who attend them.
  • that God will help students with their studies and homework assignments.
  • that God will help students as they take exams.
  • the teachers who are in the position to shape young lives.
  • the little ones in kindergarten.
  • churches, that they would truly be about our Father’s business and that the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ would be preached and ministered.
  • God to bless the tithes and offerings that are given to Gods work, to reach and help those in need.
  • our members jobs and careers, and that they would do well in all things.
  • those applying for jobs.
  • people who are unemployed and the under employed, that they can get the jobs they need.
  • those on public assistance, SSI and welfare.
  • people who are traveling, for safe travels and protection.
  • elderly people who are facing discouragement.
  • homeless people, that they can find shelter, food and nourishment, and that they are protected from those who would victimize them.
  • people who are addicted to opioids, heroin and other substances.
  • those who struggling with alcoholism, that they can be set free and be able to live sober lives.
  • those who are incarcerated.
  • governments, local, state, Federal and for government leaders all over the world.
  • protection from terrorism, no matter where it occurs.
  • an end to mass shootings, terrorist activities.
  • unity in our nation, and the strength that comes when a people will acknowledge God and turn away from evil.
  • immigrants and those family members left behind.
  • single parent homes.
  • churches, that they would be places of salvation, prayer safety, healing and growth.
  • the safety and protection of our members.
  • our country's President for God’s wisdom to rule and overrule.
  • God to guide people in their finances, for Him to bring increase, and that He would supply every need of His people.
  • missionaries and ministries around the world, who are helping people find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • those who visit our website, that they would be encouraged and ministered to.

How May We Pray for You?

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