What to Expect on Your First Visit...

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First time visitor, we’ll here’s what to expect. As we many of us know, life offers so many demands and responsibilities so, we offer THREE Sunday Services. Being in the DMV area, we have people from all over the country serving various branches in the military and Federal Government. 


Weekly Sunday Services:

9:15am – Express Service (Fast, to the point, enjoyable and perfect for people with hectic schedules who still want to hear the message and learn more about God.)

10:00am – Sunday School and Bible Study (All ages)

11:00am – Worship Service (Worship Service, live music from our Worship Team and enjoyable.)

6:30pm – Mini Church (Diving deeper into Bible Scriptures, pull life applications and principles that you can use in your daily life.)


Excited about Sunday? Well, it gets even better! We offer Wednesday night Bible Study at 6:30pm. Here we have an in-depth study uncovering principles behind scriptures that will help you appreciate the Word of God. At the Worship Center Community Church, you and your family can rest assured that you’ll be taught the practical in a down-to-earth way. Pastor Steve Davis’ messages and teachings enjoyed by all ages. We’re a diverse, multi-racial, multi-generational congregation where you’ll find a good mix of people who love the Lord, love meeting new people and love growing together.


Comments from first-time visitors

“Already I feel at home here! It’s like being with friends, neighbors and folks I went to school with.”                                                                                                                    

“OK. Finding a new church isn’t my favorite thing. But, being in the military means I have to find a new church every couple of years. I found this church online and it looked a little different and interesting. The people are nice and there are a lot of other military families and former military here. Some have served in the same places I have and have been at the same bases I have, so it gave s something in common immediately. That’s important when you move around a lot. The band was good and I knew a lot of the songs and I liked the message. It was good.”                                                                                                                                                                         

“When I came to The Worship Center the first time, I was a little nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I liked that there is a Welcome Desk where they greeted me and gave me a first time visitor’s pack. That made me feel like at least they were expecting visitors! Some other churches I had been checking out seemed to not be geared up for first timers. The person at the Welcome desk was friendly and helpful. She pointed out where I could get fee coffee and snacks for me and the kids. People in the Café were friendly and introduced themselves and welcomed me. I liked the music and the sermon or teaching or whatever it is called. It spoke to me and my situation. That is what got me to come back. Oh, and my kids liked it, too.”

“I like that there is diversity at The Worship Center. We’re a mixed family and it may seem like a small thing, but it isn’t, when you feel like the only ones. There are other couples and families like us and that makes us feel at home. My husband’s in the Air Force and he found other USAF people here. That helped a lot in deciding to come back and explore. The kid’s programs are good and we really like how KidsTown looks! It is so fun. My kids’ eyes lit up when they walked in and saw all the cartoon characters and how it is painted up like a little town. They kept talking about it and Ms. Ingrid who did the lesson. She made a really good impression on them and on us.”




Just off of the lobby area is the prayer room. This beautiful area is designated just for prayer, meditation and counsel. The room has a very strong atmosphere of the Holy Spirit and is a quiet place to heal and we encourage you to use the prayer room in your times of struggle as well as in your times of rejoicing.


We look forward to seeing you, your family and we hope to meet you soon and that you join us!