10am Women's Saturday Bible Study

Women's Bible Study 

Women Feeding on the Word... and PizzaEvery SECOND & FOURTH Saturday of the month at 10 am, is our Women's Bible Study. They have a great time, talking about the Bible, looking into the Word of God for wisdom and answers, discussing Christian books, figuring out how a strong woman can navigate through the waters of a weak society... How to raise kids in such a mixed up culture. How to juggle finances without going into great debt... How to deal with family issues and struggles...all kinds of stuff. If they're dealing with something, they'll break open their Bibles, learn about it and then exchange their opinions and experiences. They share their testimonies of God's faithfulness - how He has been there for them, how He has worked in their lives and families. How He brought them through the various storms and seasons that are common to all of us.

All this while drinking tea, coffee, water or whatever smoothies or juices they have brought - and eating if they get the idea and have the time for it. This is the perfect opportunity to increase your Bible understanding, boost your faith and enlarge your circle of friends.