Daughters of the King

Daughter's King

Women's Bible Study -

Every Tuesday at 10am is our morning Women's Bible Study. Our women have a great time, talking about the Bible, loooking into the Word of God, discussing Christian books, figuring out how a strong woman can navigate through the waters of a weak society... all kinds of stuff. if they come up with it, they'll break open their Bibles and learn about it. All this while drinking tea, coffee, water or whatever smoothies or juices they have brought. This is the perfect opportunity to increase your Bible understanding, boost your faith plus enlarge your circle of friends. 

Quarterly Activities -

No one has ever accused the Worship Center Women of not being fun! They can cook like you only hear about in the movies, and they come up with all kinds of events and get togethers, to tighten their fellowship, to get to know each other better and to get out of the house, and have fun in a wholesome and Christian atmosphere. Game nights, fancy teas, outtings, hat contests, Fall Retreats, Christmas parties, plus, things nobody but them ever heard of before. Our women like to have a good time, and they like to laugh and have a good time in the Lord to involve our ladies, like a game night to relax and have a good laugh. You couldn't find a better group of females to have as sisters and friends!


Contact us at (301) 375-8655 or office@theworshipcenter.org