Feeding the Hungry - Food Bank Ministry


Food Pantry is held every Tuesday from 4:00 pm-5:30 pm.  Feeding people was, and is,  a notable feature of Jesus' ministry. The Gospel has a definite connection to feeding the hungry and providing for the needs of others, as the Lord provides. We are passionate about making sure that people have access to healthy food - and also some fun foods, like cakes, cookies and pies! 

Our primary area of focus is to people in the Western Charles County area. WesternIt's a wonderful thing to be able to provide food for people! Charles County has traditionally been an under served area, with many needs. We always try to serve the people that God has put us in the midst of, and people who seem to slip through the cracks, due to where they live. God has blessed us with several suppliers of quality food, including meat, pastries and baked goods and always some surprises!

We're a Food Bank, too. We also supply food to other food pantries, churches, kitchens, ministries and outreach groups so they can feed the people that they are in the midst of. We all need to work together to reach and help people in need of food.

It's not just for "poor" people, by the way. When Jesus fed the multitudes, He didn't feed just the ones below a certain income. If they were hungry, they got food. In the same way, there are more and more people who have jobs, but just can't afford all the expenses in their lives. Between increased housing expenses, clothing expenses, tuition, fuel, you name it, it's really hard to keep yourself fed, let alone if you have children who seem to have bottomless appetites. If that's you, we're here for you!

Volunteer opportunity for you. We can always use volunteers to help set out the food, greet people and to put away food and clean up afterwards. If you want to volunteer, you'd need to be here by around 3:30pm and figure on leaving a bit before 6:00pm. It's very fulfilling to help people get the food they need and just meeting them and talking with them. Plus, our volunteers are fun to meet and talk to!


Contact us at (301) 375-8655 or office@theworshipcenter.org