The Lauding Zone Teens' Class

Teens Class and Fellowship

Meets every  Sunday during the 11 am service


Welcome to The Lauding ZoneTo "Laud" means to praise, magnify or worship. The Lauding Zone, led byNathaniel - Leader of The Lauding Zone Nathaniel Thompson, is a space where teens can learn to develop in their faith and learn how to interact with their world from a Kingdom of God perspective.

Nathaniel has a genuine love for people, especially teenagers, and wants to help them develop a heart for the Word of God, worship, prayer and living as a true disciple of Jesus. He is a ministerial student at Regent University, and always makes sure his lessons are chocked full of Scriptural principles and helps for walking with the Lord on a stable and faithful basis.  

Each session provides wisdom directly from the Bible and gets applied to their lives, reaching the kids where they live. As teens in today’s society, our kids face surmounting levels of trial and tribulation.  At The Lauding Zone, the teaching is interactive with plenty of group discussion and practical application, so the kids can apply God's principles to their day to day lives.

It’s imperative for the next generation of leaders, teachers, preachers, and everyday believers to grow strong and mature in Christ. We aim to create an atmosphere of growth and excellence, and to live so that wherever we find ourselves, God will be glorified and people will be reached and ministered to. 

Our teens love their Lauding Zoe class and the lifelong friendships they make here! The Lauding Zone is a place that's welcoming, compassionate, helpful, caring, insightful... where teens feel safe and heard.  Plus, it's a place where they can ask tough questions, discuss the issues in their lives, and  the struggles they go through. This is where  lasting friendships are initiated and built. Any teenager interested in getting to know the Lord better, and learning to apply His word in their lives, will enjoy this class and thrive in it. It's truly a great opportunity.

The Lauding Zone is held every Sunday during the 11:00am Service after the worship music ends. They meet in the Golliday Cafe.


                             Romans 15:11 says, Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles (that's us), and LAUD Him, all you people!