Men of Favor & 10 Man Table Bible Study

Prayer Requests

Men of Favor: Come join us the first Sunday of each month after the 11:00am Service in the Golliday Cafe. Rev. Hooker is the Director and keeps us on our toes, while we fill our bellies and challenge our hearts and minds. We meet for food, fellowship, projects and Bible Study.

Our group is men sharing with other men what God is doing for them in their lives, and learning to grow, mature and move forward, as Christian Men. It's not just a bunch of old guys, it's teens, twenties, thirties... and old guys!

On Saturdays, at 9:30 am, We have 10 Man Table (which may or may not have 10 men at it) where we get together at the Bryans Road Burger King for coffee, breakfast if we didn't eat at home and a chapter of the Bible. We each find a verse that speaks to us and tell how it stands out for us and what it means to us and how we could apply it. No experts here. Just men who love the Lord, like coffee and want to serve the Lord better and better. Check it out.