Men of Favor meet together monthly for a great time of food and the things of God


Come join us the first Sunday of each month after the 11:00am Service in the Golliday Cafe. Rev. Hooker is our Director and Facilitator and at times, our Emcee! He keeps us on our toes, while we fill our bellies and challenge our hearts and minds. We meet for food, fellowship, discussing projects, and topics of interest to men. No topic that pertains to men is off the table. Men are facing challenges, problems and temptations that need input, wisdom and experience from our brothers in the Lord. Also, we have a brief Bible lesson and application of what we've heard.

Our group is men sharing with other men what God is doing for them in their lives, and learning to grow, mature and move forward, as Christian Men. We're not just men, but we are also sons, brothers, uncles, husbands, fathers, friends, employees, supervisors, bosses, neighbors - you name it. 

Men of Favor also is a great place to keep in touch socially, culturally and inter-generationally, so we can understand the thinking, attitudes, hearts and experiences of the different generations and cultures we have in the Body of Christ.   


Contact us at (301) 375-8655 or office@theworshipcenter.org