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Here at The Worship Center, we’re big on worship, fellowship, growing, learning and serving in the community the Lord has placed us in. Being in the Body of Christ isn’t a specter sport or chore, it’s something that’s important to all of our members and visitors. Here we don’t gather just to sing songs, listen to people talk and throw a few dollars into the offering plate. For us, it’s about knowing the Lord, growing in Him and being involved with His people, making friends, getting plugged in, becoming closer to God and becoming a better person than you ever thought possible. Many of our people come from various places, often with careers that constantly move them and their families around and they never are afforded the opportunity to establish real roots. At our church, we would like to help you and your family get involved quickly and give you opportunities to use your giftings to serve alongside others.


Below are some areas you may be interested in getting involved with: